Saturday, January 15, 2011

keyed up

After lunch I dragged my brother to a local park to get these shots. There's this cool bridge over a stream I had my mind on.  He got some great shots! Thanks Adam!  Maybe it's cus he's left handed and uses his right brain and yes maybe he takes better pics than I do.  I wish he'd be my regular photographer.  Mom does a pretty good job too.  

I was insecure that this outfit was too young. But I like it.  It's really fun.  And I really like my new $3 pink key shirt. It has some great details. I admit I really enjoy clothes and being creative in putting them together!  It's another way to use my creativity. 

The other day my sister said I should go into design. I'd love to.  In some ways I feel wiser than my years and have since I was younger. But in other ways I feel like a late bloomer.  I think I'm a bit of an "Orchid" personality. I have to have the right type of environment to really bloom completely. To be myself. I do have fears that keep me back. And also soo many different desires!

 I think Orchids need the right type of soil. And as I'm writing I realize that if I'm planted in God He will help me bloom.  The nutrients of His love will be my food.  And I can explode into an amazing blossom :) 

What are some of your dreams?  That for whatever reason you hold back on?

boots: $1/$2 thrifted
over the knee socks: $3, NEW! Steve Madden
brown tights: Gabriel brothers?
skirt: free from a friend
pink key shirt: $3 NEW! Gabriel brothers  (I love it!)
turquoise shrug: free, from my sis
scarf: from my sis
earrings, ring bling, vintage key: borrowed from sis
chain: gifted, from another necklace
grey wool cloche: $6 Gabriel brothers
brown men's leather belt: Old Navy $1 yard sale 

total: $15

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