Monday, January 03, 2011

New Year's Eve-Main Street

black booties-gifted sister
skinny jeans-$2 thrifted, Salvation Army
blue button down shirt-Gabrial Brothers
vintage granny necklace-thrifted?
vintage b & w belt-thrifted
earrings-$1 jewelry store in Tx. 
hair bling-gifted from my Grandma

 New Year's Eve I went with my mom, dad and brother Adam to my parent's churche's New Years Eve party.  Then after, some of us were planning on going to a N.Y.E. party at a family's house from my church. That didn't work out. 

So I asked my brother if he could take pics of me at the gazebo in town. (Every brother's favorite thing to do.)  It ended up that he took pics of me and I took pics of him.  We did a lil' photo shoot.  Blogging world here is the "Next Top Model" Adam!!!  (Just kidding. Over his dead body ;)  He is a handsome dude though, I must say.

So Adam and I stopped by our local grocery store Martin's to buy sparkling cider. It was closed! But Food Lion wasn't. I hardly ever go into that store!  Adam bought Apple and Grape Sparkling Cider.  Our beverage of choice to make some toasts. (don't have to have alchohol to have fun:)  He was wicked nice and bought me my Burt's Bees Chap Stick and Cough Drops.

At home at Midnight we had a little special time with our family, a  goal setting and prayer time. We spoke out what we want to see God do in our lives this next year, what we desire.  I'm the family stenographer, so I wrote down what everyone said.  Here is what I said:

(Ok this is me being open with some of my most cherished dreams and desires)

-enter a courtship to the man I will marry
-Intimacy with Jesus
-To walk in the path God has for me
-to get my own place
-find my niche in work/ministry
-deeper relationships with my family
-My Etsy-provide nice chunk of income

I'm not a big resolutions person. I like to write down my dreams and desires and then we will see what God does.  He promises to give me a "hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

Then we gathered in a circle holding hands and took turns praying for the next year.  

It doesn't feel as BIG this time for a new year to start.  But hey it's another year.  And I know God has some plans.  Yeah, I'm excited! And I have hope.  

P.S. My sister got engaged New Year's Eve!!! Wowzers!


alltumbledown said...

Congrats to your sister! Love the bright blue pop of your shirt-- what a fun New Year's look.

Sarah C said...

I LOVE that you thrift. It's one of my favourite things to do. Recently, I found a pair of royal blue skinny jeans that fit and feel like butter... SCORE! :) Happy New Year!