Saturday, January 15, 2011

Lunch with Adam

This was our last hurrah of sorts before Adam goes back to school. I was feeling sad some earlier today because he's leaving.  He will drive back to Liberty tomorrow am.  We decided last night that we'd go into town and have lunch.  

We hit up this little Burger Shop, "3 brothers burgers." This was our first time going. It was good with reasonable prices. I got a hamburger add lettuce, tomato, onion and cooked mushrooms. I was sooo hungry, low blood sugar!  Can you see my relief and happiness to be eating? Top left pic of me I look like a little kid that is about to eat. Have you ever been around a little kid that's practically laughing and crying 'cus they are about to eat? (That's me, almost ;)  

Ohh and my brother paid for my lunch as an early bday gift! I came back from the ladies room and the ticket stub was gone, he'd just been at the cash register he gave me a smirky smile and I was like "I need to pay." And he told me he already had. Blessed my little heart.  

We were passing one of my favorite thrift stores, Salvation Army. I asked if I could go in for 5mins. He really didn't want me to stop and go in. (I can honestly take ALONG time in a store/thrift store.) And I was telling him I really wouldn't take long.  Instead of 5 mins. it was actually about 10 mins. I did sooo good! And I got 3 things.  

1. Vintage red pumps with bows-reminiscent of Dorothy 
2. Kate Spade-orange coral purse $1
3. beige with brown details purse $1 

Bargains baby! I did good! :D

Then we did some errands for Adam. I brought my movie back to Redbox and got a couple more. We also stopped at a park in town and Adam took my outfit pics for me.  (Blog to come.)

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