Wednesday, January 12, 2011

blue and the grey

Steve Madden boots: gifted form parents $75 (?)
black tights: cheap, $2?
berry tights: $2?
socks: $2?
grey dress (as skirt): $6?
sweater: free from sis
sm. man's button down: free
belt: $1 vintage thrifted
earrings: $2 Target

total: $90 (around)

I went into town later today to meet up with my sister.  We did some browsing/shopping for wedding invitation materiels. Yup we will be making them.  She bought some glittery peacock green/blue embossing powder, a stamp that has an invitation layout and a peacock stamp.  

She had to go to work so i continued on for awhile without her. I looked for vellum, that clear paper that is on top of invitations sometimes. I found it for .40 cents a piece at an art store in a complimentary Peacock green.  I also looked at Staples for envelopes and cardstock. I didn't buy any of it but used my handy dandy cell phone and took some pics. :) 

We will be making the invitations!!! We might make about 300!!!  It's a wedding on a budget.  It will be fun. It means I get to spend even more quality time with my bestest sister!  

Yeah tomorrow we're looking at a church, that I mentioned in another post.  We will see. We will go before I go to work.  We have an appointment for 9am.


Eva Girl said...

Great outfit! Love your hair like that - so pretty!

Vanessa said...

Good luck with the craftiness of wedding invitation creations! Sounds like you have a great idea in mind for what you want!
I love the proportions of the layering in this look. The length of the cardi, shirt and blouse all follow each other seemlessly!