Wednesday, January 12, 2011

in the red

So silly me. I came home from work last Friday night and changed my clothes, put some make up on and added a braid to my ponytail. Actually it was relaxing.  And it was nice to dress up a bit.  I was in my own little world.  

It was late and I got the impetus to take pics of my outfit, (which I thought was cute.) Even my dad complimented me on it ;)  I and my brother took a lot. It's hard to get good indoor shots.  A lot were kinda dark, or awkward. I did quit a bit of editing even to the ones I posted.  A friend complimented me on my outfit (the top pic) on my FB page so it made me decide to go ahead and post this outfit on my blog.

Like I've said I wear rather serviceable clothes to work.  Usually jeans a long sleeve shirt with a cardigan or zip up sweatshirt and a scarf.  The sweater and scarf to pull on and off if I'm gettin' to warm or chilly.  I don't really put much of an outfit together for work.

My sister and I worked on the guest list yesterday.  We made 3 lists.  One long list of everyone she'll send invites to, and she can add to that list.  The "probable" list, everyone that will probably come. And then the "Intimate" list.  If, worst case scenario, she had to have a small wedding.  It was fun.  

Tomorrow we're going with my dad at 9:00am to a local church to scope it out.  The problem is that the church only holds 100 people. But the plus side is since my dad knows the pastor we'd only have to give a donation to use it. We might look for a meadow around here and do an outside wedding then use the reception hall for the reception.  We live in cow country, rolling hills and meadows and mountains. A meadow wedding would be beautiful! See the picture?!!!  (We might have to look out for cow patties though!!)
We need to decide on a venue and a date SOON!  I know a number of you ladies in the blogging world are also doing wedding planning.  God bless us all!! ;)

boots: thrifted $1 or $2
leggings: ? (have had them for a long time/
don't remember where I got 'em)
socks: Gabriel brothers $2?
skort: thrifted $2?
long sleeve thermal: free
short sleeve cardi: Walmart/Kmart $3
scarf: $5 Walmart
belt: vintage thrifted $1
locket: from my Grammie
earrings: Gabriel brothers $3

guestimated total: $18



Eva Girl said...

Hey you should enter this post in the link party over at Thrift At Home. She's doing a "Shoestring Chic". You can find the link on my post for today : )

Brittney said...

a summer skort is totally unexpected this time of year...and i'm loving it! red, no less. saweeeeet. and especially how you paired it with that fabulously thick/full/whatever scarf. honestly, i love the whole ensemble. thanks for linking up today!