Wednesday, January 05, 2011

on track

So I mixed neutrals, (well almost neutrals) with this spring skirt. I'm wearing blue jean and teal as a neutral. Wouldn't you say blue jeans are practically a neutral?  Today I actually wore 2 PAIR of tights.  One pair in teal layered under a pair of grey nylons.  (I have a confession to make. I "cheat" with my pictures. I have to wear glasses to see, but I look a lot better without them, so I take them off for pics. Shhh, don't tell ;)  I want to get new glasses for my birthday, which is in 21 days!!

I went with my mom to bring the garbage but both places were closed. I asked her to stop at the railroad crossing and she took these shots. I'm impressed with my brother and my mom with the pics they both take!  

Look I ONLY posted 6 pics... I'm picture happy (think "trigger happy"), so normally I post 8 pics or more.

Today I posted 6 new pairs of earrings in my Etsy shop!  Check 'em out. I guess I'm all about 6 today.  Better not do another thing in 6...jk! :) There's still a New Year's Eve coupon up in one of my blog posts if you want to get a discount.

boots: $1 or $2 thrifted
teal tights: Gabriel brother's
grey nylons: from Grammie
skirt: free
grey thermal: Gabriel Brother's
jean jacket: Old Navy $25
feather earrings: gift from my brother, 
probably from Peru
shell ring: from Grammie
necklace: star of David from Israel, 
sparrow from thrift store, chain from another necklace


Eva Girl said...

This look is totally you! Perfect colors, sweet style, a little romance, and classic elements - very flattering on you!
Happy New Year : )

Vanessa said...

Love the layered legwear! It looks warm and still really stylish! And, your hair looks beautiful!

Marie said...

Yeah! Thanks gals :) makes me smile to get your compliments.