Saturday, January 22, 2011

Dorothy Shoes

So I posted about finding these beauties last weekend with my brother.  They are so Dorothy of Wizard of Oz.  Such a whimsical find.  They are vintage, leather, red, and they have these adorable bows.  But they don't quit fit me.

I wear size 7 1/2 these are a tad too big.  Wasn't sure if I was gonna keep 'em or not.  Not, is the decision. I posted them today on my Etsy shop.  I think they are super cute and unique.
Today has been a weird day. Normally Saturdays are my Sabbaths, think sleep in and be lazy/on the computar all day, maybe watch a movie.  Today I cleaned our bathroom, did the dishes, swept the kitchen floor. Took pictures of my "Dorothy Shoes." Edited them and posted them on Etsy.  Sometimes just being lazy is less fun then doing some work :)  Silly me huh? :)

I did stay in my pjs all day though. About to go and take a shower! :) 


Sarah said...

Oh my gosh those are super cute. Too bad they're not my size or I would be all over that!
Wearing It On My Sleeves

Marie said...

I guess not many girls have this size eh?.... kinda like cinderella, the right girl with small feet will have to have them placed on her feet ;) hehe. That's part of the bummer on vintage it's one pair in one size :/