Saturday, September 09, 2006

I'm in the Lord's Army-YES SIR!

I have basically 3 weeks left, than I'm coming home. Right now looking toward the future it seems like a let down to go back...but I'm ready to be in my own land. Where I know the food, the language, the culture.

I know I'm gonna bawl when I leave these kids. I love them. They will have been my life for 3 months.

Let me tell you a bit about the pics...
The first pic. is at a Karen School that we visited when the group of Americans were here. It's an asian thing to take off your "shoes,
or should I say sandels, before going inside... it's a common sight.

The next one is me, of course holding a gun! He, the short Karen dude, by the way he's a medic, gave me the gun to hold and I was like, "yikes" but it was fun. Boy am I sooo cool;) Riding a "motorcycle" and holding a gun...(snicker).

The kids go back to their camps on Oct. 2nd I believe. I'll be flying home around that time.

Three weeks will fly by...

The weather has been very warm, and humid recently. We haven't had rain for like 4ish days. So at night we've had some awesome Sunsets! Very beautiful. Bright orange and dark orange, pink and purple....behind the school is where it's really beautiful. Actually it's above Burma....there's this huge cloud that's not moving day in and day out that's the central cloud... it's the size of a's cool cause recently I've been painting sunsets with the kids with black silohettes and God's giving us sunsets in the natural.:)

I'm having alot of trouble uploading more pictures...maybe I'll post another blog.

Anyways thanks for praying for me when I was sick. My legs are healing up... Tad anointed me and prayed for healing and also for wisdom, when I was having my unidentified "problems." I believe God directly answered the prayer for wisdom by having one of the CFI staff here say, you need to go to the hospital (to see a doctor). I went and they were like it's "herpes" same thing that Chicken pox and shingles comes from and he put me on meds. like penicillan and it's healing really good.

Just keep praying for health protection while I'm here...and for the kids. It's great cause none of the kids are sick right now. Ever since I was here from the start someone's been sick....there's been no sickness with the kids/staff here for like 3 weeks. YEAH!

I don't feel very blog eloquent right now.:)

I'll probably go into Maesot and do a bit of shopping:) by myself.

Oh yeah I rode the motorcycle all the way here! It took me maybe 40 mins. to get here. Here being the Principles house in Mae Sot. I get out and ride the motorcycle sometimes. It's actually fun. It's a little blue motorcycle. Everyone rides them here. Sometimes you'll see up to 5 people on one! For real! It's the "family car.":)

Pray for my last 3 weeks here. That I'll fully accomplish what God wants me to and that I'll make the most of it and really connect with the kids in some special special ways.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that your leags are healing. We've been praying for you. I can't believe you only have three weeks left! I can't wait to hear your wealth of memories, and pick your brain about the Karen people. One can only write so much on a blog ;).
Take care, dear friend. The Lord is with you and I know is blessing the fruit of your hands.
love ya,

Anonymous said...

Its so encouraging to hear all that you're doing!! I miss you so much Marie and I have been praying for you. God is really using you! Love you, Alicia

mom said...

Dear Marie,
I enjoy reading your blogs. God will continue to bless you over there. The money will be sent from the church for the kids foodwear. There is enough money for the boys and girls and Ebenezer to have footwear. God brought in the money awsomely at church.!!!Yea! He cares about these children. We love you. MOm

Dad said...

I enjoyed reading your blogs. They are very interesting. Be sure to send us pictures of the kids when they get their soccer shoes. We will share pictures with the church with power point. We are proud of you. Love Dad

lis said...

So glad you're feeling better! Prayers forthcoming. :O)

Mom said...

Marie, Please call me. The money will be sent on Tuesday. There is enough for all the boys and girls, Eleazar as well. Dad thinks you should get the soccer shoes cause that is what he told the church. There is also enough for the staff of five to get $l0 each for something you might see that they need. I hope you have a chance to help get the footwear. Dad thought it might be good to get them a size larger so they last awhile. Also, could you have each of the kids write a thankyou letter or however you want to do it. You could bring this back with you. Please call as soon as you can. Love, Mom

Tara said...

Marie, I'm so proud of you! I'm glad you are feeling better! I know God has smething special for you in the next weeks. I luv ya and can't wait to c ya.

Shay Dawg said...

Hey! You look pretty awesome holding that gun. I was like, Whoa, when I saw that. I can't believe you've been there for over 2 months now! Think you'll go back? Maybe i'll go with you when you do, hey, i've been craving a motorcycle ride. =)