Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Life is Good...

Wow! I haven't posted for awhile. I'm in the swing of things...Life is pretty normal:) I do miss the kids sometimes...I'll get a pang and miss Thailand. Like the other day I was at the Jr. High and was looking at Art Work hung up on a bulletin board and missed Thailand. Or I'll talk about one of the kids and get a little emotional...They are an emoti0nal thing for me:) This is kinda hard to express...I hope you understand.:)

I've been subbing. Tomorrow I believe I sub for a Graphic Art/Photography teacher. I have also been going to an Acrylic/Oil painting class. I'm painting "Sunset in Venice" it's either by Van Goph(how do you spell his name?!) or Monet. It's kinda scary but it's evolving...someone already offered to buy it from me...and I'm only on Day 2 with it...not sure if she was totally serious...she was like "how much do you want for the painting..." she's in my class.

Right now I'm "dog-sitting." Taking care of my friend Angela's dog. Shelby, Angela's doggy, is very old. She is blind and deaf...but really cute. Shelby is a golden retriever I think...but rather a small'd probably call her medium sized for a dog.

Right now I'm an another friend's house, Brianna and we're gonna talk more about our churches Christmas play. She wants me to be incharge of the set design...kinda scary and big! But we can do it. I'll be getting alot of help! And Brianna will know what she wants in alot of ways. Brianna is also going to write the play. It's "The Christmas Carol" but adapted...if you're in the area when we put it on you should come out! It's gonna be awesome! So I have Shelby here with me an she's sleepin' next to the fire...Shelby is rather lazy, she is an "old girl."

Well I'm gonna get goin'...Briana put her kids to bed and we'll be able to discuss more. I have a wide range of friends...from age 14 to fully grown ladies with kids:) I like people:) and they like me!

Right now life is good:) And I've been busy lately so that helps to make me happy:)

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