Friday, November 16, 2007

Marie in Manhattan

Hey guys! Wow! I'm finally updatin' ya'll. Yup I've been living in NYC-Manhattan since Sept. 15th. So that's 2 months and one day exactly that I've been on staff with YWAM.Being staff isn't just a lil' walk in the park. I'm also learning alot from the classes (we have our teachers come in. We get people that are doing what they teach, what they are truly active in, unlike some professors in college that just teach "theory" on something they've never done.)

And I believe being in NYC is also a more pressurized place spiritually so I feel that...especially in my own weaknesses. So pray for me along these lines. That God will really bring me victory in these areas. And too just the dynamics of the school has it's own pressure. I live with 11 girls in a 4 bedroom apartment and if the whole school is there, than we have 16 people hangin' out...there's not alot of personal breathing space.

Let me give you a bit o' info on our students. We have 8 girls, one from England, another from Switzerland and the rest from the US. We have 3 guys; one from Canada, one from Australia and the 3rd from the US. Our leaders are originally from Swedan and Australia. And than me and the other staff girl are American.

The part of the city we live in is more of a spanish speaking part of town. Alot of people from the Dominican Republic. You know those shirts everyone has from NYC, that says "I [heart] NY" they have "I [heart] DR" (Dominican Republic.)I've had some interesting experiences already.

Some old guy told me he loves me, "I love you with my soul. I love you with my mind. I love you with my body." Than I saw him days later and he told me he loved me it's not mutual don't worry.(weirdo):)

One time I helped a bit after a drunk fell down the subway stairs and a lady called 9-11. He was stumbling at first when we saw him, then he just fell head first down the stairs. He was bleeding out of his nose, he probably broke it actually. There was a puddle of blood on the stairway. Then emergency people showed up. It was kinda sad how they reacted because he was "another" drunk to them. I bet they've had alot of calls to help drunks that get hurt cause they're drunk.

We've also been involved in some ministries in the area. We've joined in with an international ministry and a ministry to women and children from a shelter.
One of the ministries to the women we worked with was this big Halloween party. We had over one hundred people there. It was crazy and people every where, and loud too. I did face painting for awhile there, like one or two hours.

One of the things I like about NYC is traveling everywhere on the subway. Hey I like it. I like seeing and being around all those people. It's definately very different than being at home and having my own car and drivin' everywhere by myself or with only 1-3 more people.

It's almost like living in a bubble, a BIG Manhattan bubble. We're like these little moles that travel every where under ground. Runnin' here and there and back again, stumbling and running over each a frenzied unfocused busyiness. So right now I'm at home for Thanksgiving break. Actually the whole school is here too. We're driving up from a big conference down in North Carolina. We divided the travel time into 2 days.

So my leader gave me permission to stay here and not travel up with every one. I'll be missing 3 days of teaching this next week, but I'll be here with my family! God is teaching me alot and expanding my territory and my soul. It's been good.

Keep me in your prayers. I'll be back in NYC not this Sunday but next. Come visit me!


Rebecca said...

Hey, Marie, I've been thinking about you!! We have to chat soon!!!!

Anonymous said...

uhm.....why do you have me blocked on facebook?

- Andy Jeng

Anonymous said...

ha, nm!..... fee free to delete my last comment.

- AJ