Tuesday, August 03, 2010

A day with Melody

Yesterday I had the chance to spend a day with a childhood friend. Her name is Melody. She says we met in the church nursery. She knocked me down while I was in a high chair. Maybe she knocked me so hard I can't remember....

I got to her house aroun 11:30. We ate lunch, homemade quiche :) and cut up fruit. She did some laundry... we hung out and talked, had decaf coffee and cookies. I talked to her sister for a long time.

I got to play with her boys. Matthew, age 4 was on the swing, he looked at me and loudly proclaimed "I love you!" Oh and Jonathan with his mouth curled up to the side shared with me his baritone lion growl, and he's only 3. I was delighted at his vocal talent.

When Matthew was a baby Melody sent me a picture of him letting me know He was my valentine that year. (Since I'm single.)

Melody has been married for 6 years. I was in her wedding... over the years I've had some chances to spend time with her and her family. It's hard to connect much in person because they live in Maine and I live in Virginia.

There's nothing like a child hood friend! Thanks God:) for Melody.

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Eva Girl said...

It was a wonderful day! Thank you!
I Praise God for you! Blessings with you and your family while you're here in Maine : )