Saturday, August 20, 2011

the girl in the green dress

My brother was down a few weeks back. We were driving on our way home from church. I wanted to drive a different way home. And We stopped by the train tracks, and he was so kind as too take some pics of me. (My family puts up with me, some do anyways, with takin' pics for me ;)  

I bought this dress for a friends wedding. I'm glad I didn't wear it because my ensemble would have ended up looking very similar to her going away outfit, even the brown camisole with lace I would have worn was so similar to hers. ;)  

I know I haven't done a "fashion post" in forever. I have been busy!  With work, life, and  family vacation. I have been soo busy with work.  Thank you God for work. I'm also thankful it will slow down for now.  I still have work but am moving on from one of my clients.  No problem there, just a change in scheduling.

A lot has happened since I last blogged maybe someday I'll catch you up a bit. I'm just not in the mood to do it now. I feel kinda groggy. I've been super duper lazy today. :P  I will leave you with these words, "enjoy your Sabbath, your day of rest.  Shalom!"  

shoes: $1 sketchers (thrifted)
dress: $20 Target
belt: $2 (?) made in Morocco (thrifted)
black cami: ?
tortoise glasses: Zenni Optical
large disc earrings: Gabrial brothers

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