Saturday, September 03, 2011

summer days

I came home one day and the house was HUMID so I put this outfit on.  Yup we don't use our AC even though we live in Virginia and boy does it get HOT and/or HUMID. Our AC don't work too hot. (um no pun intended ;)  

This outfit isn't that wonderful but it's a taste of something simple I might wear.  When I get home from work I often change. Sometimes in the am I'll put on an outfit in my half awakeness that throughout the day I don't feel attractive in. (Happened once or 2x's this week ;) Can anyone say a shirt you have to tug down all day... 

To be honest I've gained some weight over the last year or so and some of my clothes don't fit as well or don't fit (umm many pairs of jeans).  I'd like to loose some weight.  I've thought about taking up Zumba. To me exercising is boring! But I love dance. Thank the Lord I haven't struggled much with being really self conscious of my body. I know many girls have.  Hey Marilyn Monroe was not a "skinny" girl and she was hot in her day and is still thought of as one of the most beautiful people.  Isn't it weird how often girls can totally accept a guy who is definitely overweight but hates herself for gaining 5 pounds.  

It's funny, when I was in Thailand one of my kids had just gotten back from staying at the clinic (think hospital). He had had Typhoid. He was already a skinny guy and had lost even more weight. I remember sitting by him and noticing his thin wrist. And commenting on his weight loss.  He told me he wished that he was fat like me. ;) In other countries it's more attractive to have some meat on your bones than to be skin and bones, because, get this, it means you have money therefore you have food to eat.  It's ironic that in our culture girls have this idea that to be skinny is to be more beautiful and than how people also struggle with being very overweight. 

Oh wow, maybe I should be thankful that I live in a country where it's easy to put on an extra 10 pounds, because that means I have more than enough to eat. It just really hit me. 

I'm also getting it drilled into my head (thank you "What not to Wear") that you dress for your body type.  

Speaking of dressing for your body type. I found a little summer dress that does just that. Here's the back story:  I found this really cute $10 dress at Target, (I'm planning on wearing it to church Sunday.)  To be honest that was a day where I wore strange clothing to work. (I wore shorts with vertical stripes and a 3/4 length button up with vertical stripes, it was a yucky outfit! ha!) So I ended up going to Target found this little betty boopesque summer dress, bought it and changed into it.  I had neon red lips that day and felt like a million bucks in that little dress.    The dress looks a lot like this one , except it's for a more  more mature body.    

Yes I do think about clothes a lot. I have for years.  I grew up not having a lot and having to dress super modestly and different than all the other kids. I had to wear skirts and culottes to a public school.  I understand what it's like not to be like the other kids. To be different and not to blend in.   To be honest, I dream about clothes. I really do and I've had many dreams.  I'll dream about finding a stash in an attic or even dreamed about some being in a trunk of a car. I remember a couple of dreams about being at a thrift store. One morning I dreamed a queen showed me her collection of clothes.  Yes I have dreams where there are even vintage pieces.  Isn't that weird how I dream about clothes so much?  (Another dream strain I have a lot is about bridges, I won't get into that now.)

flip flops: $2.50 Old Navy
skirt: thrifted $3/$4
tank: free from my sister
earrings: 75 cents
head band: free
bracelet: gift from a friend
ring: from my Grammie

total: $7.25


Eva Girl said...

My dream is finding a door in the wall that was never there it up, and there's endless new clothes, shoes, bags...I've had this dream often ; )

Love these pictures! Too fun : )

indiana.girl said...

I have clothing dreams too; usually I see racks and racks of really attractive looking clothing, and then I go to try them on, and they're all too small. It's a frustrating dream. Sometimes I search through the whole mall, going store to store.

And I can very much empathize with you on not fitting in when younger and horrible culottes! Oh goodness. Gym was always a horrible experience.