Monday, January 09, 2012

Prayer Request for my mom

On behalf of my family I'm asking you to pray.

My mom, Pat Parker has a lump in her breast and growth in her lymph node near the effected breast. Friday she had a biopsy of the lymph node and of the lump in her breast.

The doctor's attitude is "It's cancer until proven otherwise." 

My parent's do not agree with that attitude. We believe in God and having Faith in Him and holding onto His promises and not a negative doctors prognosis. My parents will talk to their doctor tomorrow and get the official results of the biopsy.

The way that this medical issue is being treated by my parents at this time is Mom has changed her diet and has started a cleanse. And they are digging deeper into their faith in the Lord. They are reading an excellent book full of scripture and truth about believing God for healing.

Prayer requests: 
-Ultimately complete healing
-God's wisdom about what treatment's to pursue 
-peace for Pat and the family: Richard (husband), Dana, Matt, Marie, Adam and Krista (kids)

Thank you for your love and prayers!
Marie for the Parker family


AuntLou said...

Of course! Glad to pray. -love

indiana.girl said...

Sending love and prayers to your family.

Eva Girl said...

Praying for the whole family, and strength for your Mom through all of this!