Friday, October 04, 2013

Popham Beach, Maine-2013

Hunter and Lucus

My family by the water

My brother Dana with his boys

mom and dad

look what dad found

love this angle, dad, Matt and mom

the scenery is gorgeous

an ocean thistle

a dried out tree

love the color and sparkle on the water (edited this pic to get these colors)

dad took this of mom

my dad has been a rock for my mom through her battle with cancer

gold light

old navy flip flops

the golden hour

self shots!

When we visit Maine for family vacation we often go to Popham Beach.
  I grew up in Maine until the tender age of 14.  Then God called our family to Virginia.
I consider myself a yankee.  

Dana, his two boys Hunter and Lucus, my other brothers Adam and Matt and mom and dad, all ventured to this beautiful beach.  I took my camera and got lost in the activity of photographing Popham Beach. It was therapeutic. I actually felt that "lost in art" feeling I get when i am caught up in the process of making art. I really enjoyed it.  

I feel these pics are even more artistic than the last time we went to Popham in 2011.  I took many more pictures of my at this beach but hand picked what I wanted to share here.



Eva Girl said...

such lovely pictures! You're a gifted photographer! The family looks happy and relaxed : ) So glad to see you while you were up! Blessings, Mel

AuntLou said...

Nice job! I love seeing you all. :)

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