Thursday, February 20, 2014

the strength of family

I just spent Sunday night through this am at my parents house. My mom recently had a bad fall and fractured/broke her pelvis (there's not much that can be done for her, for the break). My dad and brother Adam really stepped in and took care of her last week. I showed up Sunday night and did what I do for a living (been a CNA for about 3.5 years) caring for my mom. "Weird" is a word I would used to describe caring for my own mother. My mom is only 60 years old, and has been dealing with really hard health issues, the last 5 years. My dad has really been a rock. 

When I worked at a nursing home I worked a lot on a rehabilitative floor. I made my mom "work" yesterday. She still has that "fight" in her. If anyone really knows my mom they know what I mean  She did stuff for herself and it was really good  

I have an awesome awesome family. When my dad will get up in the middle of the night multiple times to take care of his wife, when my 28 year old brother will also care for his mother, in ways most 28 yr. old sons will never have to, when my sister with her baby comes to help care for our mom, the way we've come together and supported my mom through this and us kids supporting my dad... it shows the strength and love of our family. 

Us kids are our parents legacy and they've definitely instilled in us some amazing attributes of loyalty, sacrificial love, and commitment. I am blessed with the family I have.


AuntLou said...

Trusting God for your whole family. <3

Eva Girl said...

Well, that first comment is quite packed full!!!

I'm praying and thinking of you all - Love and blessings! God is Powerful!!!

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