Saturday, April 05, 2014

you belong to the wind

March 23, 2010

I can't hold onto you, you are not mine.
You belong to the wind, running, playing, the wind owns you.
Tumbling, laughing, chasing the next adventure.  The wind sweeps you into it's embrace-running, crashing, whistling you through the trees.

I can't hold onto you, gripping you tight.  Tugging and pulling, trying to mold you like clay to look like me.  I cannot calm you, quiet you or make you sterile...
Instead you belong to the thunder.  The life explodes out of you. Your laughter booms, heart pounding with passion.  The lightning flashes and crackles in your eyes.

I can't hold onto you, and keep you from heartache.  You belong to the rain.  The rain runs over you, faster and stronger- drenching you, covering you.  It flow from the skies blue and black in watercolor streaks.  I can only watch you a ways off as you cry in pain.  

I feel the wetness in my heart, the pain murmurs in my soul. You belong to the rain, let it wash away the pain. Let it go. Let it all go.  Let the rain own you.

I can't hold onto you. You belong to God.  
Sing to Him. Run to Him. His presence is around you. His TRUTH burns in your ears.  The destiny he's placed in your heart ignites you.   You are a wild man. A man of God.  You live before your creator and no one else.  

You do not belong to anyone.  Your only master is the maker of the wind.  He rushes through you in the wind-a gale force turning the world upside down.  He slammed the thunder into the sky and thunders in your heart.  His voice booms and echoes inside of you.  Lightning streaks across the sky lighting up your way.  

Your maker made the rain, to wash away the scars left so deep.  His giant tears fall from the heavens drenching you in healing.  As you cry He cries... you belong to Him, to the rain.  

You do not belong to anyone. No one owns you.  Only the wind can catch you, only the rain runs over you, only the thunder can shout back at you. Only your maker can guide you.  You belong to Him.