Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Five Minute Post

Hey all. Here for a quickie! Melody Shorey(used to be Craig) did have her baby. The "birthing pains" were the start of the real thing. She had Matthew Lauren Shorey around 12:30 that night. So I was the first to know anything was happening! Yeehaa! So awesome. My childhood friend that I knew since I was like 3 is a mommy of a newborn baby boy. Yeah! I'll be seeing them at Christmas.
Our family is going to Maine and NH for Christmas. We'll be seeing Matt, Lexi and baby, Dana, April and baby! I love babies.
Our Christmas play was a success. We did very well had a few problems but it was really good. It's over and now I'll kinda blothpicky cause if it...the let down you get when something is over.
But I have alot to look forward to. Christmas... and my 24th birthday, ahhhh 24! Weird!....in Jan. and a new year...by the way Adam turned 20 yesterday! Crazy...we all just keep gettin' older and older:)
Hey would I be considered an old maid;) Anyways. I love you all, Merry Christmas and and have a Happy New year....see ya next year!


Shay Dawg said...

Hurray! Merry Christmas Marie. Hope you have happy travels.

lis said...

Being an old maid is an attitude, not an age! In my opinion, at least. :O)

Happy almost-birthday!

Marie said...

I am an "old maiden"... does that work? Anyways!:) Or is that still too negative... maiden denotes royalty or at least being a lady maybe...what are your thoughts:)?