Wednesday, December 14, 2005

WOW! I've Been BUSY!

Hey all. Merry Christmas. We've been having trouble with our computar. I can't connect to the internet sometimes....very frustrating! Maybe all the time now. I think our computar has a cold!

I have been very busy with the play. Finally today is a down day. Krista and I are planning on going Christmas shopping. I want to get my hair cut after being here at the Library. My hair isn't all one length.... and it flips out:) Bad hair.

Okay...on Saturday we had our last 13 hour rehearsal, 2 hours were dinner and lunch break. On Sunday after Church I went and painted set again....than we had an evening rehearsal from 5-9, than Monday I worked on set during the day than had to come to Front Royal to pick Krista up than we headed up to Berryville for another 4-9 rehearsal (which we were late for). Than yesterday we had another rehearsal, 4-9 (late again... Krista didn't get off work until like 4...)

Melody called me during the day, (by the way she's pregnant with her first child! Amazing! My childhood friend!) yesterday to tell me her body is starting the birthing process...which could happen relativelly quickly or take awhile, you never know(I can say this cause I know everything about this type of thing....jk!).... she didn't have contractions yet, but different syptoms that tell you stuff is happening. I was the first one she told about her "pains.":) Her mom walked in near the end of our talk and she was like ,"Melody get off the phone with Marie and call your husband than call Marie back.":) She hadn't even called her hubby yet.

So when Melody first called. I just started in talking about the play.... "blah, blah, blah...blaaaah!" and finally near the end of our talk she was like, "well the reason I called was to let you know......" about her pains "it's not that important or anything..." NOT THAT IMPORTANT! MAN! I shoulda asked her first thing why she called. She called me to help take her mind off of what was going on:) She thanked me for talking with her:) She is sooo laid back!

I didn't even give her a chance at first for her to talk about what was going on...ooops:( After I got off the phone with her I was hooting and hollaring...well makin' alot of noise, I was excited about this, this, this EVENT that's happenin', hollarin' "Oh baby, it's your birthday!" and for real it's the baby's birthday season. I was wound up. Plus I had half an energy drink yesterday!

I haven't talked to Melody today...I wanna see what's up! Yeah! I'm happy for her and excited! This is sooo awesome. Melody is such a special friend to me. She has blossomed since she's been married. She really has. I connect with her differnetly, in a better way than I did before she was married. She was telling me her story of how she and Eric got together yesterday too. Basically she was running from him, like a hound chasing a rabbit, she was the rabbit!
She was scared something might happen... something sure did happen!:) And God brought them together, he didn't have to use Melody to flirt or chase Eric. Eric saw her, saw that he wanted to get to know her. He kept pursing her... She did not encourage him at all...of course as time went on in their relationship she did help out:) first time he called she could tell he was nervous so she was nicer to him than she might've been. They also talked for 3 hours!

Gives us hope ladies. If we are to marry someone... just be yourself...God can move and will move even if we don't do much to help the situation:)

I'm thankful to God for giving Melody this man Eric. It's a blessing to me to see her blessed this way. She wasn't even pursuing marriage or courtship and bam out of the blue God was like ok here is someone I want you to be with for the rest of your life. She can see how God was preparing Eric for her, even years ago when she looks back at his life! Also the grace she has lived out in relationship with Eric is an example to me. Out of all the marriages I see theirs is one of the top examples for me... their's gives me hope. And she is one of the youngest people I know that's married. Part of it is she lives so far away so I don't hear about all the nitty gritty...but still their's is a good marriage. That's what I see.:) Just differentt things are "symptoms" of a good marriage that I pick up on when I talk with Meloday. That's what I want someday, a good marriage:) It takes 3...

So Friday is our dress rehearsal. Briana, the director is wanting to go through the play 2 times. First time will be a technical move all the set and all the props...the 2nd time will be to go through the whole play.

Than Saturday at 7 is the first showing. Please pray for the play and everyone involved. We've had a few of our cast get sick recently. There are a number of non-christians involved. Pray that they find Jesus...that He'll use this play in their lives in powerful ways.

Also pray alot of people will come out to the play. Just pray for everything involved!

Than Sunday is our last "showing" at 3. After we have a cast party. Phew! It will actually be some of a let down:) to have it over:( It's been alot of fun:)

Peace out! In this wonderful time of the year, When we celebrate our special friend's, brother's and Bridegroom's birth-our Jesus! He is the reason for the season! Merry Christmas!

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melbrown said...

Blessings on your performances!! I'll pray that they go well; Sounds pretty crazy... have fun, and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! (I can't believe it's only a little over a week away)