Sunday, November 27, 2005

News Flash! This the season, to be Thankful and Jolly!

Update. Hey folks out there. Did ja'all have a good Thanksgivin'? I did. We were here at home with Adam. He flew down. My dad and I went to the Dullus Airport, and picked him up Monday evening.
I enjoy people watching at airports. Quite interesting:)

We spent alot of time Thursday making and setting up for the big meal. We had Turkey, and waldorf salad(which I didn't have any of), stuffed celery, even some ham left over from Krista's b-day(we don't have it much), um...sweet potatoe, and mashed potatoe, and corn, stuffing:), bought rolls....some sort of grape drink and we made I'd say at least 7 pies:) It's a family tradition to make alot of pies.
Some of the pies we had were, Apple Pie made by moi, chocalate silk pie, by Adam("yummy:)" if I say so myself), Cheesecake, by Krista, Pecan Pie, by Adam, etc...

Before we ate we were sitting around the table with the feast laid out before us. The candles creating a homey ambiance.
We went around and each of us said things we were thankful for. There was a level of maturity in the exchange... we're all older now. Krista being 17... God's done some big stuff in our lives this year. He really has...and He still is doing big stuff in our family! Our God is active and dynamic. And He doesn't want to leave us where we are. He wants to grow us into whole that we live abundant life....that's one of the things salvation is allllll about!

Some of the things we were thankful for and I am thankful for:

Of couse our family
Krista was thankful for how our relationship is getting closer
How God worked in her heart
I said I was thankful about not going to Hawaii
How God has been working in our family
Our Church's such a great church
My job this summer
God's protection in connection to the job, I'd say within 30 days time I had 4 bad incidences with cars...hitting a deer, driving into the back of a vehicle, and 2 different vehicles dying on me! ahhhhhhhhh!:)
My friends
The relationship God and I have
Special times I've had with Him...more of the revalation of His loving...tender heart to me
God taking Shania out of our family...and how it actually played out, the day she left coulda been so much more climatic...
My niece and nephew
My friend Melody, (used to be Melody C----) happily married and with child with her first! Ahhh!
Hope for a future:)
The Bible

So there's my belated Thanksgiving list...cept in some ways it's not belated cause it's good to give thanks anytime!

So about this whole Christmas play thing. My word! it played on my nerves so much this last week. Ugh! Anyways on Sunday, when we had the auditions, we were told that we'd hear on Tuesday, this last Tuesday, which part we kept on being put off. And finally I believe it was Friday night we found out! *sigh*
I didnt' get the part I had my heart set on. It woulda been a stressful part to have, one reason being there's sooo many lines.
I actually ended up being Mrs. Baer(think Proffessor Baer in Little Woman...cept no relation at far as I know) anyways I think i have a total of 6 lines:) Not too bad.
I'm also involved with Set Design and the actual putting it and painting it together. We have a guy working with us who has some really good ideas! We had a meeting today, 4 of us, going through the play and discussing what we need for sets.
I am also the stage manager. I like having that job, cause of how important it is:) Should be interesting. I'll learn as I go along. Never done it before. The play is I think, Dec 17th and 18th, not very far away. Let cha know how it goes.

Tomorrow I'm going into a public school to talk to the principle. I'm looking into getting a part time job in the cafateria(sp?). I'd help kids with opening milk cartons, and lunch boxes and after each session wipe down the tables. The principle said it gets really loud in there. Hey maybe I'll even sit with some of the kids and chill:) Hmmm, wonder if I'd be aloud to? Doesn't pay much but it's a start:) Than on Wednesday, Nov. 30th, at 10:30 I have an interview about Sub. May actually be a good thing to tell them I'm moving in the direction of workin' in one of their cafeterias. I think this whole sub. job will take time to get into. They have like orientation.... whatever that is and I don't know if I get the sub job,( pray I do if it's God's will) than I'm guessing I'd start in January.

I bought a winter coat tonight. Not totally sure if I'm gonna keep it. It hits mid thigh. It's a deep red wool material. Very pretty color. I like true reds. :) I'm actually wearing it right now:) I was thinking the other day that I wanted a jacket this length. Before I went into the store I prayed that I'd find a coat...this was like the first coat I saw/ picked up and I liked it! It does need a lint rollar. It is brand new. I got it at Gabe's. A store that sells other stores messed up, or excess products etc... so the prices are cheaper than originally.

Boy I am tired........hmmmm.........

I think I'm running out of blogging steam.

I am also thankful for the whole world of blogging:) My little bloggin community:) Have a great week all. It's 12:11 it's Monday morning...i am tired, night! and have a great week!

How do you like the Autumnal colors!:)


Shay Dawg said...

I love it when God answers emergency clothing prayer. Well not really emergency but just something you've had your eye out for. Glad you had a good Thanksgiving.

drewey fern said...

I love that you were wearing the new coat while you wrote your post. Hee hee hee:) It sounds to me like you were still on the "I just bought new clothes" high. I love it!

Ramone said...

Hi Marie!

Thanks for your comment on my site! I hope your interviews went well and that you're resting well in knowing that God has you on His path, especially when things seem the craziest.

I wrote a bit of an update about the picture you commented on, and how I've looked back and begun to see that God really did have me on His path when I made that picture. I think it's kind of a glimpse of how C.S. Lewis said it'll be in heaven, when we look back and see that God's been holding us & guiding us & keeping us on His path all the way, and that we'll somehow say in the end that we wouldn't have wanted it any other way. Blessings to you today in Jesus!

melbrown said...

I just had to say that I think it's funny that you didn't eat the Waldorf salad... :) We've never had that as part of our traditional Thanksgiving meal and it's always been somewhat of a mystery to me.

Sorry you didn't get the part, but I'm glad this will give you more time working on the set! I bet you'll have a lot of fun with it.

Jessica said...

Woot Mawee! I'm glad you had a good thanksgiving...mine was good. Other problems you know about but good. I'm assistant stage manager, so i guess we will be working together! woohoo! what's a waldorf salad? wow you have to check out my site...i am adding on a clip of the funniest well it's hilarious to me and i'm simple...haha i'll ttys love ya mawee!

lis said...

Yes, my coat was a big deal, too. I dreamed it up a while before I found, and then there it was! All trim and tailored and classic, and ever so much better than my previous ski lovely cobalt blue, with a lovely warm Michelin man effect.

RED! What fun! I'd be too scared to wear it, so I'm so glad that some people can wear red, because then I can enjoy looking at them. :O)