Monday, November 07, 2005

The Land of the FREE!

Today is Monday afternoon, good afternoon. Tomorrow I work the polls. It's kinda a sorry thing that I won't be able to vote, because I'll be at a polling station that's not my place to vote. I was suppose to file an absentee ballot, but I forgot....ekkks. Well I can pray for the Republican guy...maybe that will be worth more than my vote:) Yes I am a Republican and I'm proud of it! I am ultra conservative! Yeaha! Pro life, pro man woman Marriage, Pro Bushy... pro freedom of Religion ...and that includes for Christians...which people often forget!
Workin' the polls will be a looooooonnnng day. I have to be at Reesey Jeffries elementary school between 5:00-5:15 am! The day finally ends at 7/8 o'clock in the evening, but! I get paid for it! A friend of mine, Christina, is most likely going to work the polls with me too. So I get a day of work, that pays pretty good!

I am at a standstill about what to write... Krista and I finished watching the long version of Pride and Prujudice yesterday. I enjoyed it. I'm looking forward to the new one coming out:)

Yesterday at Youth Group we had a Youth pastor from another church, Jamie, come and talk to us about Christian clubs in Public High Schools. It was really good. He knows about the laws and how the laws do protect Christian youth who start a club in school. He's willing to educated people in the school system about Christian youth's rights. Teachers are scared about it, about giving Christian youth freedom of speech basically...interesting huh... When the club meets they are allowed to invite anyone to speak, even christian teachers in the school... and they, the teachers can preach the gospel in school, in that setting... and not be afraid of the law or officials coming down on them! Because we do have the RIGHT! Yeah! I'm fired up:)

So he was here to tell us that the Christian youth do have the freedom and protection of law! Even to put on Big youth rallies in school auditoriams(sp?)! You do have to work within the framework of the schools schedules etc... Sometime after I was like I'd kinda like to be in High school now...cept when I was in high school I wasn't as comfortable with who I am as I am now- I'd say. High school was kinda painful, actually my school carreer was kinda painful... Well I've been out (sounds like out of prison or something...huh?) since 2000! Close to 5 and a halfish years. Wow! That is crazy.

My Youth Leader is working on the Christmas Play. She's writing the whole thing! It's going to be a modern day story that is taken from real life...except she's changing some things.
It's about a Christian Girl who starts "missionary" dating and ends up in a serious relationship, she shouldn't have been in, in the first place...she gets pregnant and is faced with the decision-what in the world do I do now? It's a story of redemption... If you want to know more about it, you will have to come and see it!

I'm planning on doing alot with the set. We'll see. Last year my dad and another young lady and myself did alot of work on the set...with alot of help. We did a Daily Grind (which is a local coffee shop fanchiees around here) scene, a desert dune scene, in Jerusalem Streets scene... there was a classroom scene, a living room scene... inside Mary and Joseph's house scene...maybe that's about was lots of work.
Krista wants to be in the play, this year. At first she didn't want to, cause she has alot on her plate already, but since she heard the story line she wants.
Last year because of the play a girl, Jodie found Jesus! She's come regularly to church and has invited a guy she works with to come to church too, and he and his family, wife and kid have been to church a number of times! God uses these things as's really awesome:)

I'm not in a very "chatty" mood.:) Still having trouble with posting links if anyone wants to give me in put...:)
The leaves are falling, hence the name "Fall" but the weather has been gorgeous and warm! I should get outside today for a walk!

Shalom ya'll. Drop me a comment, will ya.:)


Kim Kelley said...

Marie it's done enjoy...

melbrown said...

Hi Marie! Sounds like some good stuff coming up... set design is fun, and you'd be super good at it.

And thanks so much for your letter! I hope to send a real response soon... sorry it's taking so long!

drewey fern said...

I LOVE the long version of Pride and Prejudice!!! Yipee!