Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Of Mice and (Wo)Men...

Isn't this cool that we can get onto this amazing technological machine and write posts on our blog. It's like virtual newspapers. And it doesn't cost a cent! That is sooo cool. And it's such a great way to keep in contact with alot of people. I'm glad to be part of this "family" of bloggers...we have our own little community!
Thanks everyone who commented recently and your encouragment and words of affirmation. Blessed my little heart. One of my love languages is "quality conversation"...also I feel loved to an extent if what I'm "saying" is being "listened" to, and if I'm getting feedback from the other person that they are listening.
My dad gets frustrated sometimes cause I want him to respond and as himself, he knows he's listening but doesn't see the need or sense the need as I do to respond.
Part of it's my personality.

We have alot of mice, or one very busy mouse that we've seen...downstairs in Adam's room, in my room, I saw something streak past me in the computar room once, my mom threw a little fit the other night cause she saw one in her bedroom...oh yeah and I got one! It's gone! The blasted little thing! It's been flushed! The little sucker. Bet he doesn't have the guyts to do that again! That's what he gets for snoopin' in my room. Ahhh(she breathed with flashing eyes.)

The other night I woke up like 6 in the morning cause of a dream and I heard alot of littleish noises in my room. Sounded like a mouse was rolling nuts or acorns around or something. It was kinda fake sounding...if you know what I mean, like it should've been sound effects for a movie about mice. I ended up sleeping upstairs until it got light outside... than when my mom got up I moved downstairs.

This is a rhetorical question...(that you can answer if you want), but do you guys/girls (same differnce) get people "match making" you?! Especially women..."match makers"-I've had like 3ish women do that to me in the last 2 months. It's funny, 2 of them made me laugh. One did it and was like, so and so's been praying for a wife....and I don't want alot of people to know, I asked her, "Why did you tell me?" and she didn't even answer my question, it was like she didn't even hear it, hmmm...
They are soooo funny!

I know this is a really random post. But that's who I am. Keep it lively, keep it moving...cept sometimes I get bogged down, like in details. Because I'm detail oriented...until I get bored with the details.

This weekend I'm going with my youth leader and youth in my church who are leaders with the youth or could be. (Hey we all are leaders in our own ways...) We're going to a big training rally called "Battle Cry" put on by Teen Mania. It will equip us with info to deal with specific issues our generation deals with, or doesn't deal with. The rally is actually for youth leaders.../adults but Briana, our youth leader wanted some of the youth from our church to go. They really are the ones that may need it more than us "old" people because they are with the teens in school all the time and alot of us old people aren't.
We're leaving Berryville at like 7 am Saturday morning, so either Krista and I will spend Friday night at a friend's that lives closer or we'll travel up early Sat. morning and leave like 6 ish, or some after 6. The rally ends I believe at 5pm...it's being held close to DC. Than after we'll prob go out to dinner, maybe at Chipotle than go back to Briana's and pray for teens...etc.

Briana is in the midst of writing the CHristmas play. This is her last week. The play has a birth, a death, a marriage, Christmas, school, home, a coffee shop in it, even a hospital emergency room scene...cause of a broken bone, oh yeah and a cross country race...I think the race will actually take place in the auditoriam...will be interesting to see how it works out! Basically it's like real life, the scenarios are. It's actually based on a true story that happened when Briana was in High School.

I finished reading "Rilla of Ingleside" the last book in the Anne of Green Gables books. It was good. If you haven't read that series I suggest you do. The last book actually made me cry I think more than once. I'm a cryer, in movies and books.:) For heaven's sake, I've even gotten goosebumps during commercials! Part of my personality is that "I AM A FEELER!" If you don't understand what I mean read a personality book.

Oh yeah, so now I'm in a different type of genre of book, it's "All Things Bright and Beautiful." I'm enjoying it. Definatley different than what I've been reading alot lately. It's about a vet in England. I believe it's based on the life of the author, James Herriot.

I'm also reading a book by Joyce Meyer called, Beauty to Ashes. Which is about emotional healing. We're doing it as a girl's bible study on Thursday nights. It's a really good book.
Last night I read a chapter all about God's unconditional love for me. One thing they said was for me to say to myself throughout the day that "God loves me."
The chapter was kinda like sometimes when I read the Bible, it was just good truth. Plus in the chapter there was alot of scripture. Does it ever seem like when you read the Bible it's new and fresh... there's just alot of clarity as you take in the scripture? Make sense?

Oh, and on Sunday, is the auditions for the play. It's up to God which part I'm getting. There's alot of parts so most likely I will get a part. I'm definatly(how do you spell that word?) helping with set. There's even singing auditions. Because on top of all the above listed scenarios, the play is a musical! Come on down and see it! I'll probably sing part of "Amazing Grace" acapella. I can sing, not always one of the strongest singers though. I can sing lower notes louder. I really enjoy music, once when I was a kid I got this "Wee Sing Silly Songs" tape or something like that out of the library and I sat at the Kitchen table and played it. I sang through the whole tape in one sitting with the words on the little paper insert:)
Music and singing's in my blood! "I have indians in my bloodsteam."(i.j.=inside joke)

It's only 11:41.

I put my application into the Warren County Public Schools offices on Friday...we'll see if I get a job through them. I kinda hope so. I need to do something... I want to do something that counts. I'd like to work in the school system...I think...yeah I would, cept it's scary. Man!
I haven't been in school for over 5 years. Please pray for me about getting a job. It's hard to know where to look...for 'em.

Sunday we're having an "open floor" meeting. Anyone can give a testimony, of thanks for what God's done in their life. We'll see if I say anything. I might. It's scary testifying...remember Feast meetings when we were in Bible School...
Can you believe next week is Thanksgiving! Woosers! Adam's comin' home yeah! It will be good to have him home for awhile. I love my brother and I respect him:)

I think I'll wind down soon. This blog was kinda like what, maybe I'd talk about to a friend, and sometimes I do skip around and talk about alot of different things...at least I'd do that when I was younger. Do I do that now?

Good night all. Sweet dreams...I'm thankful for ya'll, this blogging business has warmed up my relationships with alot of you guys. You bloggers out there in cyperspace. You're my neighbors guys:) maybe I should say, my blogger fam...how bout my e-fam! I'm being sappy for those of you who have a hard time being that way. It comes easy for me! Remember I am a FEELER!:))


drewey fern said...

I love it when people write just like they talk, so you feel like you're hearing them while you read. You totally do that!

And YES (to answer your rhetorical question) I've had people match-making for me! Grace warned me that once I graduated from college and got a 'real job' the little comments would start coming. Sure enough - suddenly I started hearing about this new guy at so-and-so's church, a youth pastor some such-and-such a place, and (the crowning touch) a Christian single's group nearby! Ahhhhhh! Fortunately I think the whole thing is quite funny:)

Marie said...

I bet you would think it was funny, I pictured you laughing about it! Makes me smile:)
Ok at my church this young single guy shows up, 25 to learn misistry through our church. The day he arrives the pastor introduces him... during the meeting,than after, this older lady, very sweet comes up to me and pulls me to her check and conspiritorially asked basically if I noticed him...goodness...
I told her I did, she was like I thought of you out of all the girls at church...there's alot of single girls at my church but most in high school...
So later I'm outside chillin' with Krista and a girl friend, this lady comes up to us and told me what she had done. She'd gone up to this guy found out he didn't have a girlfriend, told him like I'm not playing cupid or anything...but I thought of Marie Parker...something like that. Not playing cupid or anything? Ohhhh really~! snicker...goodness!(rolling eyes) I didn't ask her to. At that point he didn't even know who I was.
Oh well ce la vie(sp)! Is that what we're gonna do when we get older?

TripleNine said...

Believe it or not guys get it too, though probably not to the same extent. Half the time they never tell me who they are thinking of when they say they have a match for me. Oh well, maybe for some of them, I'de rather not know :)

asaphat said...

Marie, we've been plagued by a mouse in our house, too. We see it all the time.

But I'm indebted to a mouse for leading me to the sardines hidden in my room. Friday night before the Messiah sing, I was woken up at like 3 am by a mouse making tons of rustling noises ON TOP OF MY WARDROBE!!!! It stopped when I turned the light on, though...so in the morning I climbed on a chair to figure out WHAT a mouse would find appealing on top of my wardrobe. And there were those aromatic sardines. So thanks to that mouse...I probably killed him in a trap shortly after.

Marie said...

Trip...thing is alot of the matches don't work, look at us singles lying around...

Good to here ya'll,the male species, go through it too! It's funny...my word.

asa-I remember your mouse story...I think we've gotten a total of 3 so far! Yeah, the little suckers!

Jessica said...

Hey Mawee! You blog more than me! Haha you spell it like this- "definately" lol. I think... AGH I am so frustrated with school now. It is so stressful I think I'll lose hair here soon! I need to blog but I never find the time anymore! Haha...I want to help you do the set decorating and all...I love to draw! I'll tell Briana. I have no clue what I am going to sing at the audition. Possibly a Kelly Clarkson song! Well love ya have a great one! I have a trac phone...which I buy minutes for! I'll give you the number when I see you again...I don't trust the web that much! LOVE YA!

drewey fern said...

I finally learned how to spell definitely because spell check corrected me SO many times! Definitely - two i's and two e's. :)

asaphat said...

Marie, about you being a "feeler person"... do you remember your whole "People would weep!" quote? Because Andrew and I used to quote it to each other all the time--it was soooo funny. And I still laugh about it. Maybe I'll blog about it someday if I wouldn't embarrass you too much. :-)

Marie said...

Did I really say that? I almost wonder if people thought I said it... but I could be wrong. Sure you can blog about it!:)

lis said...

Yes, I read (and liked) Rilla of Ingleside...and yes, I cry when I read books. I think I got it from my dad. :O)

And yes, people matchmake me from time to time. I think it's a Middle Eastern love language, a sort of subdialect used between friends. Very, very, very funny! Some settled single with a sense of humor ought to write a book about the subject, don't you think?

Marie said...

Good idea lis... a compilation of others matchmaking us single people...and the extremes~! They go to!:) goodness:)!

Crazy Mama said...

Hey Marie! It is nice to be able to keep up with what is going on in "Marie Land". I have missed you. Anyway, look me up... my blogs are blah, but it can keep you informed too! I love ya! Love, Lex