Monday, November 14, 2005

What's in a Name?

I love meanings of names. Some of our teaching from YWAM was that your destiny is wrapped up in your name. I believe that often that is true.

My first name is:

Marie: literal meaning is myrrh...
which is a bitter herb...when it's cut, it oozes with healing balm and fragrance...
application, when I'm cut...with God's help I'll learn and not be bitter, but the healing I've experienced I can share with others...and one of the ways God's fragrance will be in my life is through the suffering I have experienced...that I've over come or am experiencing as I'm connected to him-as I "ooze" the frangrence of God is spread abroad...something to work toward too.

suggested character quality: living frangrance

middle name:

Angeline: root word-Angel-meaning messenger....I've done that, been on many mission trips...I feel that's part of my calling to share the good news with people...the gospel
suggested character quality: bringer of truth

So I am a Bitter Messenger or should I say, a Fragrant Messenger?

...also my last name, which I will n0t reveal hear means, keeper of the light...and that's one of the ways I think about God, as light...

I'll just list some names and meanings...

Richard: Powerful Ruler
Alan: handsome, cheerful, harmonious one
Matthew: Gift of Jehovah
Patricia: Noble one
Jean: God is Gracious

Now for some random names:

Hugo: Mind
Ida: happy, prosperous
Cicely: Dim sighted
Carson: son of the marshdweller
Buford: a shallow stream where oxen cross
Byron: Bear
Abiane: Grace of God (cool!)
Adolf: noble wolf
Nadine: Hope
Luverne: springlike

If any of you out there want me to "translate" your name let me know, drop me a line. Can't promise though...that I can...I'll see if I can find it.
One of our favorite people's names and the meaning:

Jesus: Saviour; Healer
suggested character quality: God is savior
life verse: Psalm 111:10

Remember to walk in the truth of who you are, and the blueprint-your name, that God has given you in your life. If your name doesn't have much "meaning" you and God can think up something that applies.
Just as a side note, in Isreal alot of the Jewish people had very definate meanings to their names...met one guy his name was Chaim, which is the hebrew word for life....pretty cool huh:)


DJ said...

long posts just don't get as many comments, simply because there are too many choices for the reader to comment on, so they freeze and don't.

also, serious or deep posts don't get as many because you have already stated a truth, so what can the readers say? they can simply agree. and who likes writing nothing but "yeah, right on" or that same vein?

thirdly, write for yourself. as nice as it is to get comments, don't base your blogging experience on that. either use it as a journal or as a median to disseminate information about your life.

Marie said...

good point...I'm very much a relational's like "words of affirmation" to me if someone comments....
know what I mean?
I'll even comment on peoples blogs...just to give them a unto others...because I love getting comments. I'll check my blog regularly to see if I have any new comments...
it's my makeup...

maybe I'll be more relaxed...and just write for myself...more...that was a good reminder....from a choleric personality.

drewey fern said...

I like comments, too:) How interesting that YWAM teaches about a connection between your name and your "destiny" (I think destiny is such a cool word! So full of future-ness). The Bible does talk about the importance of names, so why not? It gives a little more importance to the parents' job of naming their baby, doesn't it?

melbrown said...

Just here to say I'm here and I love you!

Steph said...

Just wanted to tell you Marie, that with the whole comment thing, i know how you feel. I'm the same way with my xanga. I sometimes get upset when i have no comments, and then when i do get them, sometimes i'm not in the mood for the ones i got. So i understand 100% what you mean. I need to talk to you again soon. A lot has been going on and you'll probably be able to help me. I'll get in contact with you soon.
~Love Always~
Steph (RGC)

Marie said...

Thank ya'll for the comments...blesses my heart:) I think I'll just write whatever...and leave it up to everyone if they comment or not.
You know-just be myself:)

Marie said...

drewey: Yeah when I have kids(D.V.) I'll definately take naming my kids seriously, pray about it:)etc...
Mel: I love ya too girl
Steph: yeah get in touch with me again...lets talk:)

asaphat said...

Marie, my name means "Rock," which makes sense since that's what a crag is...which can be interpreted as "steady" or "faithful" or "strong." It's interesting what you said about your name in your destiny. I'm usually such a steady, unflappable person, just like my name suggests.

Everyone in my family lives up to the meaning of their name. Elaine means "Bright one," Neil means "Champion" (he's always championing God's word and ways as a pastor and Bible teacher), Kendra means "The Knowing Woman," etc.

Marie said...

cool, I love the whole name thing...Craig like crag huh?
I like the whole name thing cause alot of names have meanings.

lis said...

Yes, my name meaning means a lot to me, and I love learning meanings of other names.
Try looking up some of the names in the Bible sometime. Incredible! For instance, all the names of Heman the singer's sons. Like a biography of his life. One son's name means "May he add..." and the next, something like "gift of God." Cool, huh?

Crazy Mama said...

Hi Marie! My name means something along the lines of "leader of men"... names are a cool thing!