Friday, March 24, 2006

Are these kids Wired? or am I Wired?

I'm going to for real type a quick post. I need to pick up my lil' sista in like 13 mins. Should be there in 13 mins...

Boy am I hungry:) For lunch I ate a ham and cheese, sub with lettuce, tomatoe and *red onions(*isnt' that what they're called...they taste better than white onions). With mayo, it was good... (think of stomach growling)...sometimes when I'm hungry I don't feel so hot.... I have a cadbarry (sp?) egg in my purse that Krista gave me a while ago, but I'm not in the mood to eat that and all that sugar on an empty stomach... I won't eat it now.

So what's up in my world... I got an awesome deal yesterday. I bought a 17 book series. I don't even know if it's the whole series. They are the Gilbert Morris, House of Winslow series. I've read a number of them when I was a girl, I guess I'm still a girl, but a grown up girl;) They're in good condition and I only paid 25 cent (as some people say down here, instead of cents) for each one. When I have girls (D.V.) it'll be a neat series for them to read...and when I feel like, if I ever do, which I probably will I'll read some or all of it too!

I subbed for the Electricity teacher yesterday. That meant I was holed up in the basement of part of the High School in this massive room, with work stations-(walls to actually practice real electircal work,) and these high table like surfaces, like you'd see in a chemistry room....with a bunch of stools around these stations. Most of the kids were boys. Some of them were BIG boys, tall and BIG! There was another lady that came in and helped some, and she said that the boys respected me. I'd get after them if they needed to settle down. In one of the periods the boys actually brought all the fixins' to play x-box and I told them boldly that they couldn't play that. For one thing I wanted to watch a movie instead and I felt a little weird about them playing games at school.

None of these classes really did anything much at all. So we watched part of a war movie the 1st two watched a "man car movie" ,3rd period, about these fancied up cars...kinda boring, and then we watched "Water Boy" the last 2 or 3 classes. Warning: Crass stupid movie. It's bad and stupid:) Would not recommend it. In one of the classes a boy had the DVD "40 Year Old Virgin." He wanted to watch it. I wasn't going to let them watch that. Uh-ah. Nope. I've never seen the movie, but wouldn't recommend it from what I've seen in previews..... bad movie.

Sometimes I think I'm scary to the kids. In some ways I'm glad about that. I may not look old but I'm feisty and I have morals, and I will get on someones case... there's a balance too, I'm not (always) a drill sargent.... I can be friendly and smile too:) I want these kids respect and I don't want them doing much of what they aren't supposed to do!

Even though I'm spouting about these movies, I myself in my own personal viewing need to be more careful.

So here's my "short" blog. It's 4, I need to get going very soon. I usually read over what I've typed and correct some... I'll do that and than I need to scadadle! Chiao! Shabbat Shalom again!


CARmelo said...

Hey Marie....this has nothing to do with your post..sorry...but I was wondering if you remember that time @FBI when Tad Sandford prayed over us? I am sure you wrote down what he prayed for each of us...if I am right or wrong can you please let me know...and if I am right can you send me an email with what Tad said about each person...especially me...thanks...hope life is treating you well and you are keeping the faith...Melo

homeschooledguy said...

hi marie, long time no see,

sounds like you are enjoying
the whole substitue teaching thing

god bless

Marie said...

I don't know if I wrote what he prayed for us...maybe I'll look in some of my notebooks...long time ago....the time he anointed us for the "keeping" power of God over us... somehow it was connected to David... Tina was there and tasha right? I remember to an extent what he prayed over me...
You could try asking Tad;)Why don't you just drop Tad a line... he probably wouldn't mind hearing from you:)

Steph Shields said...

Hey Marie! I just wanted to drop by and tell you that even though we don't get to talk much anymore, i still appreciate what you do for me as a friend. I love you hun, and thanks for loving me and never giving up on me:-)