Friday, March 17, 2006

The Case of the Missing Ultra Fine Point Sharpie Permanent Markers!

Boy I'm tired. I worked every day this week as a sub. I'm not in much of a mood to blog much... but I'll tell ya some of what's up:)

My parents are up North this weekend so Krista and I are back here by ourselves... both of us are gonna spend one of the nights at a friends house most likely.

I'll be going to a "Fiddler on the Roof" play most likely Saturday evening that some of the kids from our church's Youth Group are in.

You know what's really random? I'm teething! For real. My left back bottom wisdom tooth is growing in and it's sore and swollen. Last night I took a little "peek-see" at it with a tiny flashlight and I could actually see a little of the tooth showing through. I hope I don't need to get it pulled/cut out! Yikes! It's been bothering me...whine, whine, whine......

And on top of that I have a sore throat so it almost feels like the pain is connected...from the back of the mouth to the throat.

THis is a spazy post... "that's who I am folks, that's who I am (she says as she takes a bow...)"

One time this week when I was subbing, I was double subbing with a Mr. Coffran... and I was writing on the white board and he's standing not too far from me talking. He's complimenting someone on their handwriting and saying that they should take I'm answering his question and tell him that I am taking an art class... come to find out to my great embarressment he's talking to the girl right behind me at a desk... this amused the kids, especially one kid in paticular who laughs really loud.... sometimes during the class I didn't know if the class was laughing at the other sub or with him... i later asked "laughing kid" that and he said "at" the teacher... the Mr. Coffran has a walker and I would say he's kinda "old fashioned" in the sense that he has manners and calls girls Miss. He's a really nice guy. I think the kids take him as a little different, so they laughed at him. Which wasn't nice.

He even did a wheely for the kids... and did "look mom no wheels!" where he picked the whole walker up....of course the kids laughed!

THat was a weird day, I was subbing English for 8th and 9th graders. During my first period a kid swiped my ultra-fine sharpie markers, that were my personal property, off of my desk! I had 11 of them, and a pencil all bunched up in a rubber band sitting on my desk. They didn't get number 12 cause I had it, the little bugger! I put out the word that I'd give the kid who brings them back a dollar and a piece of gum. I'm thinking if the markers really come back I might give 'em a dollar and a pack of gum. This ticks me off.

I just bought these svelte markers...well actually bought them like last week, took em back cause one didn't work on sunday.... than some one took them. They STOLE my markers. I got 'em to do artsy patterns. I've done like 3 really intricate patterns (I should post them sometime.) One I haven't finished yet... and won't until I buy new ones are get my others back.

It was kinda funny and heroic how Mr. Coffran reacted to my stolen property, he took the attendance list from first period and was going to go check the kids try to find the theif. I think the principal ended up seeing him before he got through every kid and the principal said he'd look into it, but I think the principal forgot, who knows. It was like Mr. Coffran was being knightly... over markers... it blessed my heart but it kinda makes me feel a little weird.

I told a lady in the office about the crime commited against me. She said something about telling teachers about them so that if they saw them they could get the markers back to me.

This is the second thing that's been stolen off of my desk as I've been a sub! Man!

Enough about the markers!

I'm glad tomorrow is a sleep in day. Even the back of my neck hurts like if I touch it, do you have glands in the back of your neck!? You know when you get sick sometimes you're sore, it's like that.

Krista and I will probably eat out tonight. I'm thinking of Jalisco's. And maybe sharing a chicken quasidillas with Krista, I mentioned that delicious delicacy in a previous post.

Man I might just go to bed early tonight. Last night I got to bed around 10:30. Usually I get to bed more like 11:30-12:00. And I'm still tired! Exhausted.

Yesterday I went shopping at the Salvation Army again, a little while back I was going in there like every day cept weekends. Tried to cut back on that, it was like I was addicted. Made me a little worried. I did go in yesterday. A lady I know, Carrie, saw the jewelery I was wearing, red dangly earrings and a red, clear, and silver beaded necklace with 6 strands. She was telling me that she wanted jewelery like what I was wearing and I was like "Are you making an order?" and she really was. So I got an order for my home made jewelery. Haven't sold any here in Va. for awhile. Sold a special order, of blue bohemian type earrings, maybe 3 weeks back.

Yeah! It's fun getting orders. For one thing it gives me business and another it says people like what I make. I make earrings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants (on ribbon) out of beach glass. Hey maybe since I've written about my jewelery I may make some... maybe out of the beach glass. That stuff is neato! Well see... I may be too tired tonight. You know how if you talk about something you haven't done for awhile, how it stirs up the desire to do it...sometimes.:)

By the way Happy St. Patty's day and it's Tasha's 24th birthday today too! Pray for her if you know her.:)

I need to go pick my sister up from work.

I wish I could see more of you more often. To bad where I live wasn't closer to where all ya'll live... well when we all get to heaven it will be alot easier. Won't have to pay for air fare...

Love ya'll, Shabbat Shalom too! Have a good one! Take rest time for yourself and connect with God...


Avalanche Cowpoke said...

Hey Girl, I misses ya' too! Ain't seen ya' in atleast a month o' Sundays! Hope ya' gits yore marker thingys back...'d be nice if whoever took 'em had a change o' heart and just brought 'em back to ya'...

Marie said...

Do I know you "ava"? I'm just curious. It's fine if you leave comments... just wondering who you be:)

Avalanche Cowpoke said...

Chuckle! Yep! Ya' knows me... ... maybe you'll figure out who I am if I say I'm Claire's poppa-in-law? 8~)

Marie said...

oh! I know you! I thought you were some random young guy... who just showed up:) and was commenting on alot of people's blogs...;) How's your writing coming along?

Marie said...

oh! I know you! I thought you were some random young guy... who just showed up:) and was commenting on alot of people's blogs...;) How's your writing coming along?