Friday, June 02, 2006

Mom! Happy Birthday!!!

Boy... I am tired. Adam and I got up before 6 to make my mom a special BIRTHDAY breakfast. It started with a loaded omelette that Adam served with hot tea in bed. Then she got homemade fruit cocktail, with mango, watermelon, maderin oranges... watermelon, pineapple... um, than she got crepes with a yummy sweet cream cheese filling and one with a strawberry, a little pineapple, and banana with sugar filling. She was so full that she hasn't eaten them yet:)

My mom Patricia Jean is 53 years old today. This year has been kinda rough on her. Change of life, growing, changing... knowing you need to change. So pray for her.

Hmm, what does my mean mom to me?... memories?

When I was little she'd draw me 2 types of flowers, they were a daisy and a tulip. I liked them. They were simple.
I remember at least one time, (probably more) she woke me up to try some, in the process of being made, culottes on, to see if they fit/to work on the hem... I think so that I could wear them the next day at school. She's made me a number of pairs of culottes:)

One year the night before my birthday I was just down and unhappy. It was the night before I'd guess my 17th birthday(?) and she came downstairs to the basement, probably my bedroom at the time. And she sat and listened to me for a long time and talked with me about whatever was bothering me. I think I cried some. And she prayed with me.

My mom has been an example of reading the Bible and praying. Since I know that she does:)

She is a hard worker. One time when she was sick she was washing the dishes than would got to throw up than come back and wash some more... I wouldn't have done that, I don't think.

There have been times where I've been sick and she'd care for me. Bring me toast, orange juice... :)

She gets up many many mornings to make my dad lunch. She's done this for YEARS. She's cooked and cleaned for us for YEARS too.

If I ask her to pray with me she will then and there.

I am who I am partly because of her. She isn't a quitter. She's a fighter. A woman of vision.

She was the one who first caught the dream of all of us kids goin' on a mission trip the summer before our Senior years. Dana went to Equador. Matt went to England. I went to Russia. Adam went to Japan and Krista went to Romania. Isn't that awesome... it started with a dream... which lead to Action, which became fufilled reality.

I'd say because of my mom's initial vision and both parents support, Adam and I have pursued even more mission trips. You can't underestimate the power, the influence of mothers (especially the ones that follow Christ), on the destiny and life's journey of their children.

It will be amazing to see my mom in the eyes of heaven, to see what Jesus truly made her as. She is a warrior in brillant glowing white. You'll see the scars on her heart...but even more you'll see the flashing fire of victory in her eyes. She will fight for those she loves... She will stand by what she believes. She is a woman of strengh, of boldness and authority in Jesus. She is a fiercesome thing to behold!

Right now all we see, with eyes of flesh, is a 53 year old mother of 5 who is still lovely all dressed up...:) She has earned the expression lines, the character of who she is- you can see in her face. These have come through hardships, commitment, hanging on, being tossed to and fro by the storms of life, and the laugher and tears. Her life hasn't been easy, but it also has had really good times... she is a fighter, a winner, an overcomer....

This is my mother and this is the legacy she has given me.


lis said...

Beautifully, beautifully written, Marie!

Happy birthday, Mrs. P! :O)

Mrs. RF said...

Yes- happy birthday Pat!

drewey fern said...

Well done, Marie - what a tribute. And happy birthday Mrs. P!

Shay Dawg said...

Happy Birthday Mrs. Parker! even though I was late, but still. That was a nice tribute. I especially liked the part when you called your mom mean.hahaha, well you didn't mean to, you just got your words a little mixed up. Love ya! by the way, how does it feel to be out of school?

Marie said...

it's boring being out of school, don't have much to do...sigh....
when I called my mom mean is it when I said she's a "fiecesome thing to behold?" wondering...makes me smile:) I wasn't trying to say that:( :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Marie,
You are now in Thailand and I sat here and read what you wrote about me. Thankyou for such a beautiful tribute. It was so kind of you and Adam to make breakfast for me. I LOVE YOU!--Mom