Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Bummer, bummer, bummer....sigh.... I had just written alot and bumped some key(s) on the keyboard and LOST what I wrote. *sigh*

All is not lost since I still have my fingers, my mind, my memory and this computar and keyboard to type on. Sooo I will start a new blog, with possible different info than the other aformentioned "bombed" blog....

How is everyone? I'm ok.... The weather hear has been hot. I saw the temp. for yesterday at one point and it was 111 degrees! Crazy huh!

Today was crazy at work. I was running around everywhere trying to find a place that they would need a sub. Because originally I was suppose to sub for this lady, Sue K___... but put another sub there cause they wanted me somewhere else... someone else ended up where I was suppose to be, huh? weird! I'd go the the office and ask where to go, go from point A too point B.... point B wouldn't need me... than do it again.... and again... and again....This is a big school. I think it like 4 stories... actually. So about 7 times I went from point A to point B and back.... I wasn't wearing very good shoes to do tons of walking in. My feet hurt... it wasn't terribly cool in parts of the school. Felt kinda wilty in the later part of the day....I sure got my exercise in today...I'm glad I wore a skirt today instead of long pants of which I was thinkin' of wearing.

Tomorrow I'll be wearing a pair of flip flops that I like. I like my other shoes, the ones I wore today, but they aren't very good for "hiking the hallways" at the High School. They, the flippies, are brown Old Navy, comfy flip flops that I have broken in. I've worn them enough to make them start to curl a little around my feet. They make my feet "happy." I wouldn't mind slippin' my feet into the coolness of the cozy brown slightly spongy plastic after i finish my blog, but no! I haveta wear my "sexy" sandels that hurt me today.... (you see I'm at the local library. I'm not just gonna walk through it barefooted... and I have more I'm gonna do here.)

School get's out June 2nd... But I think my last day most likely is Thurs. June 1st... (wow June is almost here! CRAWZY!!!) I wouldn't mind going to one of the school's last day events... but that would be kinda weird for a "real" teacher not to show up on the last day.

The last day in Florida, for those of you who weren't in Fla. or don't know that I just spent time down in Florida meetin' up with old friends and attending 2 of my friends wedding ceremony. The 2 friends, one a boy and one a girl married each other. It was mutual! Which is always a good thing. It was a pretty good time. I saw people in Florida that I hadn't seen for like 2 years!

Anyways as I was saying, the last night I was in Fla. Lisa and I (LIsa Lou is my coisin from my dad's side, the only coisin from my dad's side that I went to Bible School with) went to the movie, "Poseidon." I would recommend that movie. I really enjoyed it. There's some sketchy stuff in it. but it's not "scarring" like some stuff out there.

Oh man, during one part there was a guy in great danger (the cutie from "Sweet Home Alabama" same actor) and physically I was feeling the NERVOUSNESS... I was tense with unwanted anticipation... just waiting for the danger to happen, it was kinda a yucky feeling. Just not wanting it to happen and waiting for it to happen... Because I really didn't want this guy to get yuckified! I won't tell you what happened... but that movie sure did draw me in!

You wouldn't want to bring kids that were too young or very sensitive people to the movie. I'd suggest checking Focus on the Families movie review site before goin'... it's called "Plugged In." Just go to FOTF, web site and they have "Plugged In" listed on the side bar, click on it...etc...I'll let you figure out the rest.

So things are still in the process for me to go to Thailand. I have alot to do to make it happen. Logistics. I have to get all the info and document/copies of documents to the travel agency to get my ticket. Find out more info about Thailand... I'll probably be able to buy alot of my ART and Craft supplies there in Thailand.... I think our $1.00 is to like 39 of their currency. So I can live pretty well for less than I thought.

Also there's a ART teacher at the Jr. High, a christian... who's hooked me up some lesson plans and we're probably gettin together again for me to get examples of other projects. It's great how she's taken an interest in helping me! Yeah! for the body of Christ. I feel supported by her.:)

Keep me in your prayers about Thailand please. Yesterday something happened... or at least I was worried about something in connection with this whole thing and I was flippin' out about it. Talked to my dad about it.... I was worried that this trip wouldn't even happen. And my dad was like "Just Believe." It's amazing how things you think could mess something up, rock your boat.... but I ended up talking with someone later and now I'm okay! This someone had questions about the trip and were like, what's goin' on with everything... their questions made me question......

I need to relax. Even in other parts of life if someone has questions about something or even believes differently about stuff, I shouldn't let it so easily rock my boat. I need to relax... stay on the course that I am on and forget what others think or even the lies they believe!

I need more back bone. Or should I say realize that I am on "solid ground." Because I am on the ROCK! Let Jesus be my back bone and the word of God...

Signing off!


lis said...

AMEN to being on solid ground, Marie! *stops and prays for confidence and leading

Shay Dawg said...

I'm so glad you came, and we didn't even rearrange anything this time! =) Sorry your first day back was kinda rough.

Linda said...


You are in our thoughts and prayers everyday! Pastor P. George is here from India and he met your Dad and Mom, Adam and Christa. Your Dad sang during Worship -- I will Praise You in the Storm. It was a wonderful time of fellowship and worship! We will be praying for the children in the hospital for the Lord to raise them up to hear the Gospel, that Jesus is the Door and will open up to all the hurting children and bless them with eternal life in Heaven. Give them the Good News. How do you say Jesus in their language? Proverbs 15:15 -- He who is of a merry heart as a contiual feast. Let the joy of the Lord be your strenth. Miss You:( But, we are so thankful the Lord is using you in a mighty way for His glory :)
Pray for us too. Thanks, Paul and Linda