Friday, January 05, 2007

This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine....

Wow! Another post a month later;) My life as a 24 year old is winding down. I'll be turning 25 Jan. 26...almost my silver birthday...isn't that what it's called, when I'll turn 26 on the 26th....?

Right now I'm subbing for, I think a history teacher. She had a personal emergency and needed to get goin'. Right now we're in an AP class (smart kids, that work hard...) after lunch we're goin' upstairs to watch a movie on Tolerance...racial tolerance. "A Time for Justice," about the civil rights movement.

Oh yeah Happy New Year everybody:) Weird isn't it, 2007~!!!

I signed up for my 2nd college level Drawing class. I'm excited about it. I think the first class is this coming up Wednesday. The first drawing class I took was only drawing in black and white. This class, Art 122, will be incorporating color. Yeah! I love color. I'm guessin' we'll be workin' in chalk pastels sometime...I hope oil pastel's too. I love color! I love Art! It's a blessing and a happiness to be able to take another class.

This post will be rather random. Just catchin'you up on some of my life recently.

I got a letter from one of my girls from Thailand, Mercy Htoo. Her family has talked to the UN and the UN is talkin' about them someday moving to the US. That would be awesome. I believe Lord willing if it happens it will be in a few years. Mercy Htoo is a delicate, fairy like young lady, age 14, I believe, with a Melodious voice and a quick smile and laugh. She has an "old soul"-wisdom beyond her years. There's an essence of wisdom and grace about her...and she's really smart because she works hard! and was blessed with a good mind. She has a heart for God. I was able to share with her how to have a more personal relationship with God-which was specail to know I had made a difference that way.

I got the letter from her the same day I traveled all the way to and back, from Richmond, for my YWAM leader's wedding! On the way back, it was late, I got a bad speeding ticket. So I came home and get the letter like around midnight sat on the couch and cried...cause of the differnt emotions...I mostly cried because of my kids in Thailand... I dunno if I'll go back soon. Part of me would like too. God knows.

This last Sat. I went to the wedding...than Sunday was church and in the evening there was a New Year's party at my Youth Leader's house. It was crazy cause her brother invited all these people from PA...and most of the people that came I had worked with at a camp. So this last weekend was reunion weekend from like 3 years ago. It was great and alot of fun.

Seems like I've prayed recently about wanting to be with friends...

A flying squirrel died in my room this last week. I had seen it awhile saw me too! I think it was a baby/young one...finally it died. It was under my chair ( marie scrunches up nose:() ewww....) I felt kinda bad. I coulda put food out for it but I didn't. Are flying squirrels endangered?

I started movin' into a new room. It has my bed and the chair (red fuzzy chair!) I got for Christmas/Birthday in it. The walls are deep red. I hung my big quilt up that I bought in Isreal. Which is a dyed blue with deep red highlights all through it. It looks really cool.

Dana and April are expecting again. They have been for awhile. They know the baby is a boy and will be naming him Lucas David. The David is after Adam and April's father.

Tonight Adam and I are goin' to a Pizza/Movie party. One of my guy friends that's been away at Coast Guard School will be there and also 2 of my girlfriends from college... It will be fun.

God really has blessed me with alot of friends everywhere! Yeah! It's such a blessing. Makes me feel special.

God has blessed me alot. I live in America. My life is easy compared to most people in the world. I can still live at home... with good parents...I have a great family. I have tons of clothes...(many which I've gotten at 2nd hand stores, I've found some good things!) Instead of goin' hungry I actually wanna loose a little weight;) I own a car now. Finally I got one;) (I'm growin' up in those ways slowly and I do have a debit card and a check book:)) We are spoiled Americans...and alot of us act that way!;)

Someday I wanna go to college and study Art. I think I want to be an Art Teacher.
I believe I could make a big differnce in young people's lives. I want to pour into peoples lives. I come home to the US after Thailand and all I do, alot is care for me, for Marie. I buy stuff for me, to wear, to eat...nice things... I can go out with my friends to a movie... I can spend hours on the internet... I don't have much responsibility or a ministry that I pour all of me into.

I do sub. at the public some ways I do look at that as a ministry. I was dreading getting back into it...but I thought of the scripture about laying down your life and it will be given back to you...instead of holding it close and loosing it (that was a pharaphrasing definately:) So I'm back in the hell halls of Warren Co. It's a crazy place. They have left God out and let the devil in in a big way. (


melbrown said...

Hey Marie! Great to hear some life-snippets from you. Yay for art classes! I'm so glad you're getting a chance to get into it...let me know how the pastels go; I took a pastel class LONG ago but haven't done much w/ them for a long time. It would be cool to try them out again.

God knows that you want to pour out your life for Him, and He'll put you in just the right place at the right time to do just that. In the meantime you ARE making a difference right where you are! I love you!

drewey fern said...

Happy New Year Marie! Yay for you taking another drawing class! That's so awesome. And I loved your list of the ways God has blessed you - very edifying.

And hey, my golden birthday was 26 on the 26th, too! We're twins! Well... we will be when you get there. :)

lis said...

Welcome back, Marie! :O) Amen to what Melissa said: God knows the desires of our hearts to serve Him, and He answers!

Much love!