Monday, January 22, 2007

It finally snowed...and the number 25!

Greetings friends:) It actually snowed yesterday so school was canceled today. We actually didn't go home cause the road, B______ Road that we take to get home wasn't safe enough. Even my parents didnt' go home they stayed with some friends closer to town:)

I do turn 25 on Friday! Wow!!! I'm a little nervous about it but I am also looking forward to it. Twenty-five is gonna be a cool age. To be able to say wehn I'm asked how old I am "25" will be cool! To me it just seems more adult than 24;)

If you're older than 25 or right at 25 tell me what you did/are doin' in your 25th year. I don't have any big plans of what I'll do.

I do have a desire that I hope is reliezed but it is a God thing...only He can make it happen:).

Any one else turning 25 this year? I know RA is... anyone else?

I started my 2nd drawing class. It's goin' fine. I need to buy some more supplies though. I'm already havin' fun with my assingments.

This is the first snowfall that stuck around. I can look out the windo and see a hill and fields coverend in snow...with black naked trees resting in the cold.

Have a good day:)


brandywine said...

When I was 25, I went and lived in Israel for 3 months. It was a great year!

shay dawg said...

wow brandon, you were so young! =) 25 is a top solid age. Hope you have a wonderful b-day. I'm kinda in a drawing class too. The other day I was out in my backyard drawing algae or some gross lookin stuff on a tree.

lis said...

Happy birthday!!!

Hmm, when I was 25, I...

I think I turned 25 in Israel, actually! And after that I went to college for the first time, and stressed out and survived and had awesome adventures.

Which I'm still having. Don't let anybody tell you that getting older is bad! :O) (It's way, way better).

Much love and a hug.

drewey fern said...


God bless this next year, and may you find your heart satisfied in His perfect will. I love you!

TripleNine said...

Actually I'm going to be 25 this year as well. Hope you had a good b-day.