Friday, February 02, 2007


I turned 25 successfully! Safe and sound. Wow! 25, as my lil' bro Adam would say 1/3 of the way to 75! Or even half way to 50. It's all a numbers game. Do I feel 25...I think so. In some ways.

Boy I've had alot of experiences in my 25 years. I believe I have a bit of wisdom under my belt too.

Yikes 25...I think about it a little too long and it's kinda scary...makes me go "yikes!"

Is 25 suppose to be any sort of benchmark? To me it seems more officially adult than 24. What do ya think?

This week it's been tryin' to snow. Hasn't exactly done much of that. Some hail today and even rain...and a bit of snow. A "winter" mix.

Tomorrow I'm planning on goin' with a friend to make masks for a play she's in. She'll be in the play "Much Ado about Nothing." Great story...I bet the masks will be pretty good too.

I had a great birthday party...actually had my birthday was Jan.26th a Friday. Friday night 3 girls from church, Jodi, Kaitlynn, and Batina came and so did Christina...another Christian girl I met through workin' at a gourmet shop. The "guests of honor" were Dima and Vica, a couple who were YWAM leaders. They had their 2 babies with them Nica and DJ. It was a treat to have them come up from Richmond. They enjoyed the slower pace of life in the country even though it was for one night.

The weather was beautiful that Saturday. We ended up taking a walk and Friday night the party was fun....we laughed and ate and talked and I got presents:) Yeah.

So as I start my 25th year I do have questions and wonder what to do. I am taking one day at a time. My future is unsure but my Guide is trustworthy and knows everything! I know I'm made for great things and whatever God has for me to do I'll do a great job at it:) I just wonder as I peer around the corner into my 25th year what it will hold. I hope big and exciting things and just good everyday experiences too.

Woot woot for turning 25!!!

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