Friday, September 14, 2007

...starts with a single step....

Well this is my last full day at

Adam is driving me up to New York City-Manhattan tomorrow. We're leaving at the bright and early time of 5 am. We'll probably be up before the roosters....

It will take us 6 hours (depending on the traffic...but being that early I don't think the traffic will be that bad, but I think we might hit rush hour traffic somewhere...hmmm, oh well) to get there so we'll get there around lunch 11/12 o'clock.

Yesterday I did most of my packing. I have this huge bag...when it's empty it looks like a body bag....not even quite full yet with tons of clothes. I remember my last time with YWAM I felt I didn't have enough clothes. I'll be home for Thanksgiving so I can adjust if I have WAY TOO MUCH.;)

In my heart I feel ready to go. It feels a little anti-climatic. My parentst left early this morning for a weekend at a friends beach house...and I said bye to Krista Tuesday of this week. So tomorrow I'll only have Adam to say bye too.

I wonder if this will be my "final leap" from the nest...of if I'll circle back around and stay awhile again. In some ways I hope it is my final leap. I think it hurts my pride some that I'm 25 and still live(d) at home. I live at home for long chunks of time than I live somewhere else than I come home again etc...:)

I wonder if this opportunity will be a giant fork in the road or just a long detour.

I'm excited about going to David Wilkerson's church on Sunday-Times Square Church! My home church is I've wondered if they're casual...but I wouldn't think I've packed some dressy clothes. I'm sure you wanted to know that.

I kinda want to leave today....I'm ready to go!!! Oh's a lil' hard cause I'm a night person and can easily stay up until 2am...but I should go to bed earlier and than get up at 5am! I'll sleep in the car. Adam said, "if you can with my music going."

I believe when I first get there I'll be sharing a room, a room with a bunkbed with Rachel a photographer (she's also on staff). It sounds like the room is small. And that it's a temporary set-up. I sure hope it has windows. And I hope to find a park with trees and grass. I could always grow grass in my room...that'd be weird, never mind. I'm a country girl ya know.

I should write again soon after getting up there. Pray for me!:)


Rebecca said...

Marie!!! I know EXACTLY how you feel. I think my sisters and I are moving soon. Very anticlimatic. Very bittersweet. Very, very exciting! I'll be praying for you honey!!! I'll call you soon!!!

drewey fern said...

God bless you, Marie! I'm excited for you and for the new possibilites opening up... It's a pretty amazing time of life, not being sure about things, because you can always dream big:) You have my support and faith!

Krista Rose said...

I got a blof chech it out!