Wednesday, September 05, 2007

all I don't want for christmas are my 2 wisdom teeth... i got 2 wisdom teeth pulled. It is not my favorite pastime actually. It was fast but the after effects were not soo good. Argh! But I'm glad I got them out this soon...I had my exam yesterday and they got me in today.

The nurse that helped the doc and me alot was awesome. She's a believer.

So right now I have really low energy...haven't eaten solid food since breakfast. It's like a popsicle, shake and vanilla ice mom asked for my teeth. Now they sit in my room in a little coin envelope. Maybe I save them for when I get dentures or try to put them back in...i thought they were perfectly fine;)

I leave in like 9 days...maybe some less.

Sunday is my last Sunday at my home church:(

God is leading me to a new season. It will be awesome!


Claire said...

So the tooth fairy hasn't visited yet?! :)

You're probably sick of hearing other people's wisdom teeth stories - I know from experience that as soon as you tell people that you're getting yours out, they suddenly feel compelled to tell you all the gory details about THEIR experience, but nonetheless I am going to share... when I got all my wisdom teeth pulled, I felt like an old woman afterwards - could not walk straight to save my life. VERY disconcerting. AND I ate so much icecream the day following that I threw up. Put me off icecream for a while. Okay- I guess that's enough un-asked for information for now.

Hope you feel better soon!

Rebecca said...

wow. I hated having my wisdom teeth out. I feel bad for you. But, so excited for you too!!! You must be ecstatic about moving on!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey darlin',
I'm sorry you feel so bad! Too bad to talk? I really want to talk w/ you before you leave! Call me (# is in your facebook inbox)