Thursday, December 01, 2011

tried and teal

I finally caught up on my past outfit posts.  This outfit was photographed on Nov. 25th actually!  I wore these duds as my "Thanksgiving outfit."  I kinda surprised myself by pairing teal with Salmon pink. It's a bit more "salmony" in real life. Actually I think it works. If you looked at a colorwheel the pink is almost a complimentary color to the teal. And the necklace is in the color family with teal, a lighter hue. I love color and colors together!

Sometime you should try putting outfits together based on if the colors are complimentary to each other.  Complimentary colors POP next to each other. I learned about that in my art class(es) a bit.

I think my mom took the 4 square pics of me. I took the rest with a self timer.  I love how artsy the long pics came out!  This is what I love, creativity in fashion/dressing and photography.  To be honest I'd love to do some modeling.  It'd be neat to also photograph a model or models sometime, like in my vintage clothing I've collected.  I have quite a stash of vintage clothing. There's formal dresses, some shoes, even clutches that I'd like to decorate with feathers and some rhinestones. 

I love (yes I have over used that word in this post ;) being creative. No excuses or apologies, (wiggles eyebrows) That's how God made me! (and I LOVE it

P.S. Oh and I got my hair cut like a month ago. Quite a change huh?!!

(I'm writing this blog late at night so I'm emoting more than normal ;))

leather cowboy heeled booties: recent purchase, $2 thifted
teal cordaroy's: $4? thrifted
salmon silk wrap sweater: thrifted $3?
cami: $2 thrifted
long beads: $5 Charlotte Russe
owl ring: (I need to take a closer up, it's so cool!) $2 valley discount

guestimated total: $16

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