Friday, November 25, 2011

it's all about flannel

This pic makes me think of those cartoons where the angel is on one shoulder saying "be good" and the devil is on the other saying "be bad!" I have angel and devil doggies on my shoulders!
My good friend M- came down and visited I think it was in October.  She took these outfit pictures for me! I wish she lived closer, she didn't take many but they came out good. She's also an artist! 

So in the morning I believe it was kinda cool so I put this layered outfit on. As the day went on I was to to warm! I had leggings on and the boots are lined with some plush and I also had a cami under the flannel tunic. Oh! I was too warm!! I striped off the scarf and cami. 

It's been a bit of a struggle within the last two months or so to know how to dress.  It may be cool in the am then warm up later or it seems that the day will be mild then the temp drops!

I think in this tunic I look almost pregnant ;) What do you think?  I've worn this tunic/dress since with skinny jeans and a girl told me she loved it! 

I am not wearing much make up if any.  Because I am so light I think I need a little "something something."  It helps. As they say, "if the barn needs painting, paint it!"  (it cracks me up.)

In Januaray I am going to Liberty University to study pre-nursing!  I am lookin' forward to it. God has led me and is opening the doors for me to go.  I still have a ways to go before I start classes on Jan. 16th. Details and logistics to follow through with. I believe orientation is Jan. 12 and 13. Don't worry I will get that straightened out too, the day that I actually have to be there ;)

boots: from Belk, Bare Traps $70 ?
flannel dress/tunic: $10 Gabriel brothers
black scarf: $5
leggings: ?
black cami: thrifted?
earrings: from a set that cost $1 (earrings .10?)
(glasses: $12.95 from Zenni)

estimated total: not including glasses $86


Eva Girl said...

We had so much fun! Thank you for letting us come and visit! Hope we can do it again sometime - good luck at school!

indiana.girl said...

I think that outfit looks great on you! Those boots are perfect with it, imho.