Friday, July 13, 2012

Shell earrings by "Marie's Miracles"

Hand painted Capiz shell earrings.

 *sorry for the slightly strange layout. I've had alot of trouble trying to set this post up.  The template is not easy to use :(

There's a story behind these shell earrings. I was in Maine last summer and I was at my Grandmother's house in her basement.  She had a glass jar full of white round shells from a broken mobile.  I asked her if I could have them to paint on for earrings. She let me bring 'em home.  

The shells had been sitting in my room for months.  Recently I started thinking about painting them.  Visualizing ideas of what I could paint.  I pulled out the shells and got to work.  Often times each pair might take about one hour to paint.  Certain ones with tons of details and dots take a lot of time. I enjoy taking time to do detailed work.  

I love beachy summery accesories. I have recently posted these earrings in my Etsy shop.  If you have an idea for a custom pair that you'd want to order, let me know.

(I recently picked up a "mess of feathers" and 3 vintage clutches to decorate.  I want to put them together and post on etsy too... The decked out clutches would be perfect for a wedding or formal event.)


Eva Girl said...

Those are so beautiful!!! I love the designs - so pretty : )
Love your hair do too - the curls are so pretty and you always look so elegant in an up-do.

I miss those Sundays we spent almost every one together...I was just telling my neighbor about how close we still are after all these years and miles. I just read a quote somewhere that said something like, "you don't need to have anything in common with childhood friends - you have your whole early life of shared memories together." I like that. We also have a lot in common too: art, playing with new styles of dress, laughing, etc...
When will you be in Maine again? Love to c-ya soon!
Love, Mel

Tidbits of Torah said...

how unique! nice