Saturday, January 21, 2006

Romeo is that you.... I hope not!

I just downloaded 112 pics from my digital camera I got for Christmas from mom and dad. Finally got around to it. Here's one of them, it's me and Krista at Christmas:) in Maine.

Does life ever make you *sigh.* Mine does sometimes, like now

... anyways.

I realized I haven't explained the name of my blog "Hand In Hand." It comes from my Bible School graduation testimony where I talked about BIble School being part of the journey I'm walking with God. And I'm on this journey with my Hand in God's hand. He's the only one I'll always be with. It's comforting, you know I'm walking with God hand in hand.:)
The address to my blog is journeygirl4God... and that can be connected to the whole hand in hand thing too. I initially choose it because I've done mission trips before, you know take journeys but now it has more just that for meaning, my life is God's and I want to go where he wants... He leads me... I'm living for God. Journeygirl4god... ya know.

I will be turning 24 this coming up Thursday... I'm just more and more transitioning into adult hood. Part of that for me is birthdays, birthday's in some ways are big deals to me, an age you know... they are milestones in someways, or should we say "yearstones." They mark time... and the physical aging process, also the inner maturity process to an extent. I like it that I'm getting older in some ways... Who knows what life will hold for me. I am wanting to be more independent... to have more responsibility. I'm still living at home but as time goes by I think I'll be stretching my wings more and more.

I'd say alot of people think I look younger than I really am. Maybe it makes up for my "old soul." If they saw me inside my soul they'd see an old person, well maybe... I've been "older" for quite awhile, more serious and take things seriously... sometimes too seriously:) I like having serious talks with people. I definitely have a sense of humor but I also like to connect to people's hearts, to talk about spiritual things, what people have been through. The stuff that shapes them... that shapes each of us.

I'm in one of my serious moods. Life does that. Change does that to me.

Well to get on a lighter note I now have a young man in love with me. That may not be the most positive thing... it's rather humorous actually!

I met him Friday when I was subbing for a P.E. class. He's name is Ryan and he's 18 years old. He's handicapped. He's really cute ...and he's childish. He was talking with one of his other classmates, Darrest and was like, "the teacher can't be your honey, they're too old."

Somehow he got it in his head that he liked me. I don't know how, oh well maybe he was thinking in that line, about honey's and I asked him how old he was. Ryan was like, loudly, "She asked me how old I was!" I told him I was 23 he was like "D----!"an loud exclamation, like "MAN!" A coupla times he was moving toward my direction so I'd walk around to the other side of the other sub. And he'd start movin' in my direction again. ahh!

I'd hear him talkin' than figure out he was talkin' about me. I told him I didn't have a boyfriend and he was like "there's one standing right here." He motions to him self with some attitude...something to that effect, and I'm like leaning in looking beyond him, as if I was lookin' for someone else that may've been stanin' behind him!

His teacher mentioned how Ryan's been in love with like 2 other girls and bought them rings. So I told Ryan that he counldn't be my boyfriend, for one thing he's too young and for another thing it'd be illegal, which thinking about that statement later realized it wounldn't be, but I'm not tellin' that to him.

Later at the end of school I'm walking out to my car, ah man, there he was outside at the front of the school on the steps. Ahhhh, he talked about me again, he's not a quiet talker and he's like talkin' about my car... boy is my car great! or what... snicker...whatever. Oh well, it makes a good story. I wouldn't mind being his friend, but I don't know if he can get it out of his mind that he likes me. Ah man! Makes me laugh. At least he's handicapped, would be worse if he wasn't. It's cuter this way, maybe. (smile:)

Well I hope you enjoyed that from my adventures in the Warren County School system!

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