Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Spanish Anyone?

Today I was a "Spanish Teacher." The teacher I subbed for is older and has been teaching for a long time. Possible he has teacher burn out. He didn't leave me any instructions. So the first 3 periods we sat in class...um...they talked etc... one of the periods we watched Fear Factor and The Price is Right. I read when the TV wasn't on mostly. Finished a book. Sub teaching can be interesting... and sometimes rather boring. I hope some day I get to sub for an ART teacher! Please! Well I didn't really actually teach any spanish, cause I don't know hardly any.

For the last 2 classes we watched parts of Jurassic Park II, in English with Spanish Sub Titles. The assignment was for them to write down all the spanish words they recognized... and pass it in. This was alot more interesting than just sitting there and reading.

Do you think everyone did the assignment? yeah your're right...not everyone did it. One of the girl's even gave me the line that she did it with her friend, could she write her name on the paper too...okay? I was sittin' next to her and her friend... I didn't notice her with a paper on her desk doin' the work. I don't think so! I didn't let her. Kids! What's wrong with them these days. It's really sad. I don't even think half of the parents know what's goin' on in their lives. It is sad... and if they do some of the parents don't even care.*sigh*

I ate lunch in the Teacher's Lounge. Sitting in there is an education in itself about what kids do. Another way to learn some of the lingo kids go by too... I won't tell you what the teachers talked about, it'd make your ears burn.

How do we reach this generation? It seems like such a monumental task. For starters we could ask God to put a burden on our hearts for them. We can pray, we can befriend them... and tell them that we're praying.

The world of today's Youth is crazy bad. crazy, crazy, crazy... I bet ya'll workin' in public schools know that like Chad and Andrea...Let's infiltrate them! Like a virus and let them catch what we have... Christianity is contagious ya know:)

Hmmm, I finally watched the movie the Matrix. The first one. It is really interesting. I'd never sat through the whole thing and watched it before. It definately has spiritual parellels...which is really cool.

I also watched The Island. Another science fiction movie. I enjoyed it, but quite possible wouldn't watch it again. It's disconcerting. But cool. There is some stuff in it that's not too good...just a warning.

Oh yeah, I started my Art I class last week. It went well. I actually sat as a model for a modified contour drawing. THey have to basically draw me with one continous line, and they can't look at their papers much. It's to get your brain and your pencil connected more...you artists out there that have done this before know the technique. Kinda like hand eye cordination.
Contour drawing is kinda cool. Try it sometime. Find your object your're gonna draw, like your foot. Look at your foot, figure out where you want to start drawing on your foot. ok, start. Follow the contours and lines of the foot, draw what you see, but mostly keep your eyes on your foot. If you need to go back to a part you already drew just draw along the line that's already there... the drawing won't be perfect and probably won't be proportional...but it's a good excercise for the brain.

I have 4 drawings I have to do for this class on Wednesday. I did two of them already and besides that drew like 5 other drawings I'll let the teacher check out. The one's I did was the hand in an intersting pose holding an object, my hand is holding a minute glass(like an hour glass). I named it Time is in my hands. THe other one I did was the drawing of the chair. I ended up only drawing the top part of the chair, the back of the chair.
The teacher's first name is Chance. He says he's not a very good drawer, but he knows how to teach it. He's a sculpter.

Because of my sub job I had to open a checking account... so I have my first checks and my first debit card. Haven't used either of them much, but hey at least I'm "growing up," more.

My 24th birthday is in 9 days. It's the 26. 24 is kinda weird. In some ways I'd say I'm more mature than other 24 year olds, but I'm not as independant cause I live at home, still single,don't own my own car... not havin' a car bothers me some. I do like myself here. I believe I've blossomed more than when I was in High School. Which was like 6 years ago. Wow! Really... hmm...yeah.

But I have a job and I could start saving for a car... I may try to figure out another way to make money. This job doesn't pay alot and at this point I haven't gotten work everyday. I'm praying that I will this week. I may try to tap into my jewelery business somemore. THere's a 2nd handstore/vintage store here in town I may partner with to sell my earrings.

Hey, there's a movie coming out Jan. 20th called The End of the Spear. It's the story of when Jim Elliot, Nate Saint and the other guys, misssionaries went to the Auca Indians down south. And they were all massacred... and how it effected the tribe after other missionaries went and shared... I don't know how much they really spell out the gospel or if they deal with it in a general way. Teen mania mentioned it on their news letter that the movie was coming out.

If you watch movies at theaters go out and support it, if you don't rent it later. We need to support movies that have to do with that sort of thing, Christian, Missionaries...etc.

I'm gonna go be lazy and look at mags here at the library. Chow! Maybe first though I'll check out some of ya'll's blogs:)


Shay Dawg said...

that's really cool. I would hate be a sub. I always felt sorry for them when the students would be all loud and make fun of them. I'm glad you got a good job and that you can catch up on all your movie watching =) Oh me and mom have been on the task of cleaning out her bedroom. The living room looks like a diaster area! It's pretty funny, but aren't you proud?? Ok love ya

Marie said...

yeah, you go girl! Louie!;) that is awesome!