Sunday, July 30, 2006

Chaing Mai

Right now I am in Chaing Mai. It's a city. I'll be ordering some things from a Tailor and doin' alot of shopping. I'll be here until Wednesday than I'll be taking a bus back to my Mae Sot.

I rode down with Tad and June on Saturday. It was like a 4 and a half hour trip. I spent the first night at T and J's place and went to an English speaking church yesterday. The pastor was from Australia. So I had a bit of trouble understanding what he was saying...but got most of it.

After church I ended up talking to the son of the guy that owns the guest house T and J are staying at. He's 17 and his name is Marcus. He's half American and half Swedish. And he's homeschooled. He's a really nice guy. When he was a baby his parents smuggled Bibles into Hong Kong. They'd bring in about 6 that he would be sitting on. Wow a "baby bible smuggler." I thought that was pretty neat!

Jim J. and his fam. and some other young people are arriving here on Thurs. Yeah! English speakers! Also I'll be getting my 30 day visa stamped on Thursday. I have to go into another country to get that done.

Haven't eaten breakfast hungry!

I'm staying at a place for 3 nights by myself. And it cost me I think 1,200 baht which is like $32...for 3 nights. Pretty cheap!

Ohh! I went and saw Pirates of the Carribean yesterday! I really enjoyed it. It cost me 120 baht....which is like $3.25 ish... isn't that awesome. Yeaha! Plus I had to pay 70 baht to get there 80 baht to get back, um...and I bought soda, 35 baht, popcorn 45 baht...the whole situation cost me under $10.00.

Going there I rode in a Tuk Tuk. It's this small little buggy...I think maybe with 3 wheels.... on the way back I had my own personal Long Tow...I always forget how to say the 2nd. I'm thinking they may be gettin' more baht out of me than they should be...frown.... But I'm an ignorant american!

I got so many donations from people and I haven't needed to tons of money into Art supplies or anything else so I asked Na-Na, she's one of the cooks there...kinda like a mother to the kids if they needed anything. So I now have a long list of things they need, so sometime I'll be shopping for that. If you think to pray that the money goes far, that I get good deals and find everything I need.

These people do not have much at all. Donations is what keeps the school running I believe.

I have been teaching some of the classes the proportions of the face. A couple of the kids did really well when I had them draw someone in the class. I was thrilled:)

My times running out on this public computar. Talk to ya later:)


drewey fern said...

Hurrah for an update! I love hearing how you're doing. And isn't it exciting when kids get what you're teaching?!

On another note, I recently got the song "Pie Jesu" from itunes, and it made me miss you! Remember singing it together at St. Anne's in Jerusalem? Ahhhh, happy times:)

Love you! (And I'm praying for you!)

lis said...

Yay, it's you again! :O) I'm praying too.

Mom said...

Just read your blog. It is interesting to hear what you are doing! We are proud of you-doing something like this for Jesus! Thankyou! I am glad that the Jacobsons are going over. It is a good way to get stuff over to you. And I hope it will work out for you to spend time with them! I pray for you and I know God is answering prayer! I wish I could spend a day with you in the "city". Jaedan turns 2 on Tuesday, August 1st! I love you!

Shay Dawg said...

Hey Cuz, thanks for the update. Isn't Pirates pretty awesome? I saw it at 12:30am with Leah, it was lots of fun. Keep up the good work and I smile to see how cheap things are over there =)