Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I am here

Yes I have arrived safely to my destination finally. I got to the school Saturday afternoon. It was about a 4 day trip. Crazy! Plus I was in Chiang Mai for quite awhile. In Chiang Mai, a big city, I got a foot massage, up to below my knee and a back massage (which included neck, arms, hands, head, shoulders) and both came to about $5.00. It was nice!:) Yes, part of my trip was in the back of a pick-up truck up and down, in this mountainous area for like 2 hours.

Thailand is very different! And the school is differnt from Thailand because the kids and most of the staff are from the Karen nation... they actually aren't refugees, refugees have status. These people don't even have refugee status they are a displaced people. Burma doesn't want them at all.

There are 31 students at the school. I've already started learning their Karen/Karenni names...and also they have English nicknames which is helpful. Let me give you some of the Karen names, Ku Moo (boy age 15?), Silver Paw, um...Soe Soe (very cute, small 14 year old boy) and there's more.

They treat me as a guest in some ways....which actually makes me feel more isolated. At meals I eat at my own table if Tad and June aren't at the school. Tad and June are a couple from the US, missanaries to this school.

Also at the school we eat Karen food which is differnt than even Thai food. We have rice at the regular meals.

I have taught one day so far. There was a holiday Tues. and today they have big tests. At this point I'll be taking 2 of the 3 ESL classes and teaching art. I just bought some special pens for pen and ink drawing and the ink for about $7.00. It will be enough to start with the kids for now. Cheap:) I just want to get some good paper.

Tad and June took me out today! Yeah! It was fun! I had a hamburger and fries for lunch at a restaurant and a lassi, like a yougert fruit drink. Very good drink.

We walked through a market and stopped at different stores.

Pray for me. It's harder than I thought. I'm lonely cause I'm the only English as a first language speaker at the school. And I think I'm also dealing with Jet Lag. I'm tired right now....

Ok I should get goin' someone else is payin for the connection.

Also pray for my teaching ESL, some I haven't known how to teach them....they really need to work on actually speaking.

Love ya'll....wish differnt ones could pop over for a few mins. just so I could get a hug.

One of my friends at the school is Ebenezer, out of the staff I've talked with him the most...he's Karen, 27 years old. Has a "special friend" at his camp...that he only sees like 2/3 times a year.

The thai and Karen are beautiful people.

Ok bye again! Write me comments please! I read some comments from my last blog and got teary eyed.

I won't be able to get to the internet as much as I thought I'd be able too.


Tara said...

AAAAWWWW Marie!!! I love you girl! Here is an E-Hug!!! The first couple days/weeks are the hardest! I felt the same way in India, I wanted to come home the whole time, until we only had 4 days left. Your not alone, Jesus is there with you, He loves you. This is your time Marie...Embrace what God has laid out in front of you. If you get lonley, Pray, or write letters, even if you can't send them. Marie,
"My eyes are ever on the LORD,for only he will release my feet from the snare.Turn to me and be gracious to me, for I am lonely and afflicted. The troubles of my heart have multiplied; free me from my anguish." ~Psalm 25:15-17
Marie YOU are God's child, You have a purpose there, try to look for it, and enjoy it. God has something amazing there for you look, and I know you'll find it. Leave eveything you think you know, and let God show you new truths, and embrace him every chance you get. I'll be praying fo you!!!!
P.S. Do you have an address over there? maybe we could send you letters...Just tell your parents, and I'll get it from them. I love you girl!!!
~In Christ, Tara

Mrs. RF said...

So nice to get a report. You are in my prayers, and remember "My Grace is sufficient for Thee." So many times things aren't what we pictured- but, when He has arranged the circumstances, they are exactly what He had in mind ahead of time. No surprises with Him! So, one step at a time. And, continued blessings on you!

Julie said...

Hello Marie,
Gramie told me you were in Thailand. Went to see them today and read your letter and took down your blog address. This is new and intresting to me I haven't seen a blog as of yet and I pray you get this. I have read over your last blogs and have loved them and realy loved the one about your mom she would be so proud. Please know I will be keeping you in my prayers. Your a very strong young woman, you will be fine just remember to keep your chin up and that at any given time you are being thought of and prayed for. And that in turn will bring you close with the ones you love. Were all proud of you god bless your every step. Much love Julie Fortin

MOM said...

Dear Marie,
I was glad to have something on your blog from Thailand. Adam had been checking to see if you had written anything. I am sorry that you are lonely. May the kids could take turns eating with you. It would give them the chance to work on their English as well. It is pretty incredible that you would take a trip like this all by yourself! You sure did deserve that message after that trip. Feel free to call. Maybe we could call you. Maybe I can get some information from CFI. By the way, your get reinbursement for Creation. Do you want the cash sent with jim to Thailand? We are going to our conference this weekend. Adam and Krista are going as well. They will hand out and maybe to some sight-seeing. You are doing a great job, Marie. "Inasmuch as you have done it unto the least of these my brethern, ye have done it unto me." You said that someone else was paying for the connection. Could you pay something so you would feel like you could spend more time on the internet? We love you lots and lots! Dana's birthday is this Saturday! I love you, Marie! Love, Mom

asaphat said...

Hooray to hear from you, Marie! Keep your courage up! I know you feel lonely, but you're not at all alone. Maybe these first weeks will really help you to fall on Jesus, before you get to know the kids better and the isolation lessens.

And try to think big picture...not the little gritty daily things that might get you down, but the fact that you're helping to win the world for Christ, no matter what you go through to do it! You go girl!

kate said...

I'm so proud of you Marie! And isn't jet lag awful? I know how hard and confusing the first few days can be. I'll be praying for you!
keep up the good work.

Much love!

drewey fern said...

Dear Marie! I wish I could pop over and give you a hug in person. But know that I will be praying for you and supporting you. You are doing a wonderful thing. I love you!

ahappygirl said...

Marie, Here's a big, cozy Fritha hug... mmmm... just enjoy it...

ahappygirl said...

i mean the hug....

all of the sudden I realised my comment could be taken as insensitive jargon "just enjoy it"...

argh@!# I meant enjoy my hug!

I love you so much marie

Claire said...

Marie, I prayed for you at work today. I hope things are going better.

Much love,


lis said...

Yeah, and we prayed for you at church, too! :O)

I'm sending a hug...and don't worry, it'll get way better!

Much love and empathy.

KMS said...

Marie! I hope that you're settling in more and feeling a little brighter. Homesickness is NOT fun. :-(

Love and prayer,

melbrown said...

Hi dear Marie! I was hoping you'd be able to stay connected through your blog... You're there! WOW! Along with these other people, I wish I really could "pop on over" and provide a hug and a familiar face and voice. I can only imagine how big and unfamiliar everything must be; I hope that it settles into a nice routine once you get the hang of things and jet lag wears off. I've been praying for you, and will continue! I'm trusting that God will meet you in deeper ways than ever before, and use you in the perfect work He's doing over there... You're a key part in a great big plan! I love you so much.

Cara said...

Thank you so much for a wonderful post. I wish I could be there with you and share the new experiences. I know that many people have said it by now, but the first thing I thought when you said you felt lonely was, "She's so not alone! Jesus is right with her." And He is. I'm tucking in a prayer for you every now and then. Be encouraged!

And thank you so much for being willing to go over there and help Uncle Tad, Aunt June, and those children. You are wonderful.

Avalanche Cowpoke said...

Go for it Marie!!! I'm prayin' for ya' and cheering for ya'... 8~)

Krista said...

I just want you to know that I'm praying for you and I miss you! I hope things start working better for you.
Well, I can't whait to hear from you.
With a big Hug and lots of love~
Your Baby Sister ;)

Shay Dawg said...

Hey cuz! I was excited to see that you wrote from over there! Wow, a 4 day trip to get over there. Thats crazyness. It sounds like quite an adventure and it will be an adventure. Just take it one day at a time and God will bless you for your efforts. I admire you for dropping everything to go over there, and staying for as long as you are. Maybe next year we can do it together...scary thought, hehe. God Bless. I'll be praying for you and so will 100 other people. Love you! Naomi says hi.

Anonymous said...

Even the "Anonymous" ones love and care and pray....Lord bless you

hesper48 said...

Wow, Marie! Remember you are not alone! there are lots of people praying for you and things are bound to improve as you get more rest and get used to people, their food and their customs. Love you!

TripleNine said...

Don't worry Marie, even if people can't come over there, you are definitely remembered and thought of. Chestnut Hill Church prayed for you the other day and will continue I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I read your comments and just started crying:)(And I'm hungry so I'm prone to being more emotional when I'm hungry:) Thank you guys so much....I have tears running down my face! Things definately are going alot better! Read the blog above. There were things ya'll said that I needed to draw close to Jesus in the loneliness. Thanks love ya'll.... Marie