Saturday, July 22, 2006

Keeping my Chin up:)

Man! I just lost alot that I had written. Bummer...oh well. Second try.

Yes I am adjusting more and feeling better about being here:) Thank you for all your prayers. There was a time when I distinctly felt that I probably was the recipienct of prayer. Does that make sense. I felt upheld.:) Thank you everyone. Found out alot of people have been praying for me. Yeah!

Ok, I teach everyday,MOnday through Friday, at least that's how the schedule is set up. I teach ESL 2 days a week and Art everyday of the week. ESL is more of a struggle to prepare for. Pray that I'll get good ideas about how to teach it.

The Art classes are going well. There are times that have been frustrating to an extent when the kids stuggle to do what I'm teaching and when they don't understand the English. But because of the classes some of the girls copied pictures from some books. They copiesdrew the pictures just by looking and no tracing. They came out really good. Some of these kids are good little artists! We did some oil pastel sunset/moonset/sunrise pictures. Some also came out very nice.:)

I have had some times with the girls in my room putting make up on em, letting them look at my pictures of my fam and friends taped up. Some have wanted to look at my collection of earrings:)

One of my good friends here is Amy, silver Paw. We click. She is funny and always laughing. Her family life isn't that wonderful. And she is one of the "outsiders" at the school. There are over 20 kids from a certain camp and she's not one of them. So she seems hungry for attention and affection.

One of my buddies is Mark. He's loud and smiles alot. Great kid.

I love these kids.

I wonder what God is doing? And what might happen becuase of this trip, where is it going to lead me...what is GOd doing? Hmmm....

Keep me in your prayers, also pray for one of the boys. His name is Phillip. He's been sick the whole time I"ve been here. He's at a clinic and was there over night. He's been sick like 3 weeks. There has been a sickness going around some of the schools that has lasted like 4 weeks...

I went and visited him at the clinic. He was anointed with some of my has a number of different oils in he was anointed with "oils" and prayed for. God commands us to anoint the sick with oil and to pray for them. It was an act of obedience and faith.

There were many sick people was an open ward. Some of what I saw was heart breaking. One boy that's on my heart was very very thin....I don't know but he may die from his sickness....pray for his soul and if it's God's will that he'll get better. There were some very sick people there.

Ok well I love ya'll and am sticking with it:)


Mrs. RF said...

PTL for sticking with it. Perseverance is a good thing. And, thanks for more updates. Helps to know how to pray. Blessings on you.

Mom said...

Hi Marie,
Glad you can spend some time with the Sandfords. Glad to get some more report from you. Thanks for the news. Send some more pictures. Awsome picture of you with the boys. We are proud of you, praying for you and love you!

Mom said...

Dear Marie,
Please send your e-mail address on the blog site. Tara's birthday was this week. There was a birthday party for her last night. It is Mom and Dad's anniversary this Sunday-29 years!Wow! Love you, Mom

Aunt Dianne said...

dear Marie,
Your Mom read your blogs to grandma and me over the phone. I have never heard of annointing someone with chapstick. I got a good laugh out of that one. I like to hear about what you are doing. We have your picture on our desk to remind us to pray for you. I love you. Keep well and wear a mask when you go into the infirmary. We are proud of you. Love Aunt Dianne. ps I called you the last night before you left the US to say goodby but you were out seeing the fireworks. Sorry I missed you.

Grandma & GrandpaS said...

Dear Marie,
I enjoyed hearing your blog that your mom read to us. It is very interesting to hear about what you are doing. You have a gift with words. It must be a big challange. Grandpa is doing well now. His emotions are more stable. I am still driving the old people crazy-haha. Actually transporting. I am going to see Heidi the first of August for l0 days. Matt called to thank me for the sweater that I made for Jaedan's birthday and Jaedan talked as well. Jaedan wore the sweater that morning but the sweater was heavy-I was surprised. Guess what is on my desk-a new kitty. She looks like a Tiger with black, gray and orange coloring. Sometimes she goes wild playing but she sleeps alot. We love you and know that God will be with you each day because we are praying for you and He answers prayer. Love, Grandma and Grandpa Sandford

asaphat said...

Marie, as Tasha and Tina used to say, "SUPPORT!"

I laughed a LOT about anointing with chapstick!!! That is sooo funny, but so resourceful and clever, too. Way to find a way to practice the Bible! I trust God will heal him, which is what really matters anyway.

Audrey said...

Dear Marie,
Thank you so much for your blog-spots! I stayed at the school for a couple months, and I miss everyone there a lot. It's great to be able to hear how they are. I have been praying for all the students and teachers every day, and I am happy to start praying for you. May God bless you and your work. Keep on keeping on!
Isaiah 12:2
P.S. Could you please tell everybody I said hi?

Mary Veilleux said...

Hey Marie!
I've never looked at a Blog before- kind of neat! Great to read all the updates and know you are surviving! It's HOT here and we are enjoying going to different friends' pools! Last week (Tues) I met a lady and her 3 kdis in the library- she is a "refugee" from Hurricane Katrina and just arrived here from NYC - where she lived with her parents for almost a year. We brought them to Anita's pool- and they had such a great time- hopefully, we can get together soon. I invited them to church, but not sure if they are interested.
WE've gotten some post cards and a letter from Billy- he is hanging in there, but the days are LONG and his basic training isn't finished until Aug 20th-ugh! long time! Emily's last day of work is this Sat- then she has some time off! Yeah!
Sending you lots of love and praying for you!
Mary Veilleux

lis said...

Marie, so happy to hear from you! If you have any ESL questions that I can help you with, feel free to email. But be of good courage: the Holy Spirit is the BEST teacher, and He's right at your elbow. Keep up your courage! Sending love!

Shay Dawg said...

Hey Marie! Glad you're keeping your chin up. Chapstick?? Well that would be handy, especially when the lack of hair is the case. Keep up the good work, and I'm sure the kids are having alot of fun with the art even if they don't understand all that your saying =)

Tara said...

Wow, I'm 19 now can you believe it?? I leave for school in about three weeks..Crazy huh? Glad to hear you are doing well. I'm still praying for you...God's purpose will become clear in HIS time nout ours...Keep the faith girlie!!! Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Hey Marie, this is Kaitlyn, it's good to hear abt what's goin on and i'm so glad to hear that you're doing better. Krista and Tara and i went to see pirates 2 the other day and missed you. :( well, i gotta go- i love ya a lot and we all are praying for you.!!!!!