Thursday, February 17, 2011


red leather flats: Bass $3 (thrifted today!)
converse jeans: free! hand me down from sis
top: Express $3 thrifted
red belt: $1 thrifted
hat: Gabriel Brothers
yellow rhinestone studs: from my sister

I have been busy recently!  I worked 9plus hours Monday caring for a new client of mine. Tuesday was my 10am to 5pm day. Then yesterday I cared for the new client 11 hours and 15 mins! I am tired. I felt like I could go to bed around 7:30. I am normally a night owl so that tells you I'm dragging.  Monday night I got a whooping headache. I had gone to a Valentine's party night at the singles bible study I go to, after the 9 hour plus day. 

I need to be getting more/better quality sleep if I'm gonna be doin' these marathon days.  

I went thrifting today for decor for my sisters wedding. I found some stuff! She will be decorating with jewel tone vases/jars and some mason jars.  Kinda a Moulin Rouge/French feel with peacock feathers and jewel toned colors. Oh la la!!  

I got this Benton striped boat neck shirt recently at a thrift store. I like Benton stripes :)  And I LOVE these ballet flats I picked up today! I've wanted red flats for awhile.  I have a pair of red canvas Red dogs flats.... but they aren't girly like these.  

Bon Jour! 


Vanessa said...

Bon jour, indeed! Oi, Oi you look very French! That ends the amount of French I know.
Sounds like some great thrifting, and the decorations for your sister's wedding sound fun and colorful!

two birds said...

very parisian! love it...and what great deals!

Elisabeth said...

so french mod! Yes, Zenni optical will do prescription glasses. Call or visit an eye doctor and get your prescription info and you can fill it in on zenni's site. $8! Crazy! You'll have to get a friend to measure your pupil to pupil distance with a ruler though. I think it explains this on the zenni site...