Sunday, February 06, 2011

take a walk with me....

I went on a Sabbath walk with my parents today. It's so beautiful here in Virginia.  It was cold though.  I had fun using my new camera to get so many lovely shots.  We hit part of the "golden hour." 
The beginning of the walk. Gilded edges of a cloud
I zoomed in.  
Coaly, the neighbors dog came out and hung out for a bit.  He did NOT sit still long.
This is "Smith Run." Run means brook.  It's a southern thing to call it a "run." I guess they call it a walk when it freezes over in the winter....
History in my back yard, almost.  What stories does this old building tell?
Look at that light in the clouds!
I was pleased with how this reflection shot came out.
Isn't it amazing!
Nope I don't live in Ireland or Scotland, this is Virginia!
My parents.
Dad took a side profile shot of me. I'm lovin' that cloud.
No makeup.  Casual Sabbath.
Mom held my orange purse for me. It added a really neat pop of color.
My artsy shot.
Winding roads are beautiful to photograph.
The "town" part of where I live is tiny.  Quaint and country.
"Cheese" they actually said that. It sounded a lot like "mooo, mooo..."
Mom and Dad walking on a winding road.
Good night moon.
Right at the end some ominous clouds rolled in fast and then it started to rain! So I ran home!


Elisabeth said...

these photos are awesome! And your neighbor's dog looks identical to my dog- random I know. :)

indiana.girl said...

I loved looking at these photographs! Oh, and thank you so much for your note on facebook. It encouraged me to keep on being vulnerable.

geri e. said...

Virginia is b-e-a-utiful! Seriously.

two birds said...

these are so have a great talent!

Elisabeth said...

hey- i tagged you to participate in a challenge/award on my blog. I hope you'll participate!