Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My brother's family

     My brother and his family came down from New England awhile back. His wife Lexi asked me to do a "Family Picture Time" with them up on Skyline Drive. I gladly obliged :)  Here's a smattering of the pictures I ended up with. There's ALOT more where these came from. On a side note, It was very very cold up there on the mountains.

      It was the same time that Lexi took the pictures of me from the previous blog.

     Am I biased to say that they are a beautiful family? ;) And check out the beauty of Skyline Drive and it's wasn't even spring yet!!


Eva Girl said...

Oh! Such BEAUTIFUL family portraits! They're lovely! The way you capture them - you have real talent!

Adam said...

Marie, I love these picture!!! Wow, we do have an AMAZING family, don't we Marie?? I love you too Marie, you are so SPECIAL and TALENTED...and DONT YOU FORGET THAT!!!