Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Red Riding Hood

Life has been crazy and busy. You know I'm not even sure when these's were taken ;) My brother was down her in the last few weeks with his wife and daughter. So sometime in the last 3 weeks was when these were shot (hangs tongue out).

We went up to Skyline Drive for me to take family pics for them. While up there I asked my sister in law to get some pics of me.  Thanks Lexi! You did a great job.  

I hope to post pics from their family shoot!  Got some lovely ones. 

Just a note, it was COLD up there when we did the pictures, hence the red nose. So maybe my lipstick and my nose match my coat. Oh well, "Ce la vie." 

I bought the coat recently.  I snagged it for my etsy possibly, but then I put it on and tied it up. I liked it, so I kept it. It is stylish and warm. Definitely vintage, probably from the 70's. On a side note, It's kinda funny. I sell vintage but I don't wear it much.

cowboy boots: $1/$2 leather, thrifted, "Made in Spain"
Calvin Klein jeans: thrifted $2
 Vintage red winter coat: $3

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