Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Drop By! Say "Hi!"

Hey I'm back... sooner than normal, eh?:) Today's my dad's 51st birthday. I bought him an Elvis CD for not too much at a really cool store. My dad likes Elvis. Elvis had a rough life. Someone we know talked to his brother-in-law once and the brother-in-law said Elvis was very religious... hopefully he knew Jesus.
He loved singing old gospel songs and hyms. I think he has a cd with hymns on it.

I've been making jewelery alot recently. Put in 6, 7, 8 hours of work today into jewelery stuff. I made some more feather earrings, turquise with beads glued as embellishment also made another pair of peacock feather earrings, at first they were huge, than I trimmed 'em down-there're still big but not in competetion with my face the same way:)

Since it was my dad's birthday my mom made a special meal of Stir-Fry. My dad set up 2 tiki torches out side on the deck and I put five water goblets (no water in them) with votives in them between the torches on the railing. My dad had set up 4 chairs in a semi circle around our coffee table outside too with another candle on it and I put more votives on that table. So we had his birthday dinner outside - a candle/tiki torch lit meal.
The weather's been lovely here. Fall is here... the leaves haven't turned colors yet! But it's cool at night and nice during the day.
It's crazy that it's fall...snuck up on me. Christmas is in less than 3 months! I already have some of my christmas shopping done! My brother Dana and his family are probably going to come up for Christmas!
My friend Melody Shorey, used to be Melody Craig is expecting and the baby is due Dec. 20th! They don't know if it's a boy or a girl. So I've bought the baby yellow stuff:) Neutral color. Safe.
Man where is everyone? I haven't gotten many new comments recently? Maybe it's because I haven't been posting regularly for awhile? Please if you stop by just drop me a hi... makes me feel good:) I check my blog alot to see if I have any new comments. It's like getting e-mails to me:)
Krista's 17th birthday is Oct. 20th! Adam's , ahhhhh oh my word... 20th birthday is ...his 20th birthday? yeah his 2oth... ekks... wow! is Dec. 19th. Maybe Melody's baby will share his birthday. That would help me remember the baby's birthday. Out of everyone in my family the date of Adam's birthday is the date I have the best in my mind. My mom's in June, don't know the date, Matt's is flag day, June 14th... I believe, Dana's in July don't know the date.... my dad's is today so I know it's the 4th of Oct.:)

Take care ya'll. Come visit me sometime:) I like company. I ate all my junior mints so we could have a butter finger each:) Can you have a stash of candy with only like 5 small butter finger candy bars... yeah sure, cept it's a little stash:) We could go on a lovely walk down our winding country road. parenthased by mountains and cow pasture.... it's beautiful! Please come visit I'm kinda lonely at times:( :) We could make some jewelery... it's gonna come out of my ears... if I'm not careful... when I sleep I'm gonna dream about it and make motions in the air as if I'm makin' earrings but I won't have any tools in my hands... "air jewelery making" kinda like "air guitar." I'll be able to do it with my eyes closed!

Good night all!


Shay Dawg said...

Tell your dad I said Happy Birthday!

asaphat said...

I didn't know Melody Craig got married! Learn something new everyday...on Marie's blog! I'd love to come visit, but only if you promise we WON'T make jewelry. Actually, it sounds kind of fun, since I like creating things. But jewelry?

Marie said...

hey Asapphat we could make christmas ornaments? Pretty little things to hang on the wall:) Key chains...:) We don't have to make jewelery:) I know you don't really wear it:) You could make a Urim and a Thummin;)
Ok ok... thanks for stoppin' by.

Tara said...

I love country winding roads...Jewerly making..not so much..i'm not all that creative..

melbrown said...

Hi Marie! Great blog! I'm afraid to say I forgot to put it on my favorites list right away when you told me about it, so I haven't been keeping up on it. But you're on the list now, so I'll be stopping by much more frequently!

Oh, and a warning: it's entirely possible that jewelry making will haunt your dreams. I dream about compositions and designs for my art projects quite a bit; it's really weird. But keep up the good work! Your jewelry is beautiful. I miss you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Marie!
I just came across your blog via Mary's blog. Cool! Say belated 'Happy birthday' to your Dad!

Pam J.

Anonymous said...

Hey Marie!
I miss talking to you as often..please feel free to email me or comment on my xanga..... things have been nuts lately.... so i was thinking of taking you up on your offer to come see ya soon.... we'll talk later. Love ya Marie:-D
~Love Always~