Monday, October 24, 2005

Our God hears our Prayers!

I just finished reading alot of people's different blogs. Inspires me to blog again:) Guess what I'm actually listening to? Backstreet Boys, one of my siblings has it on our hard drive. It's actually pretty... never listened to them much. The song is "Incomplete." Some guys love sick cry to his woman...heartbroken cause she's gone.

I was looking at a shirt yesterday and thinking about buying it. On the front it said, "I don't play hard to get...." and than on the back it said, "I am hard to get." I love the saying but didn't get it cause I didn't want to pay around $13 for my purchases...I did wonder if it was too flirty.
One of my friends was shopping with me and she thought maybe it was:)

This friend, Tara was having a rough day earlier yesterday. She had prayed before coming to church that God would give her a fun day... life is kinda rough for her sometimes....alot....also a number of us had prayed for her too.
God definately answered our prayers! Krista and I took her to lunch after church at Mario's...a little Italian resturant near our church. Than we met up with Jessica, who was in a Bible Study with our Youth Leader....
Also Rachel was in the BIble Study. Jessica was gonna hang with Krista and me, Tara ended up hangin' with us too, Rachel asked if she could come along tooo.....they'd hang with us until youth 6 pm. so we ended up in my parents Corolla, a sad 2 toned little 5 seater car. We had someone in each seat!
It was tons of fun! We stopped at Gabrial brother's I bought a really cool $3.00 scarf...a plummy mauvy color with black, bright orange, light pink and magenta woven throughout it...the scarf is made in a delicate's really light weight.
Also I bought a pack of socks cause I got embarressed by a pair I wore the other day, that were kinda stained...with dirt? and off white paint:) 6 pair for $3.49! Yeah! Gabe's is an awesome store!!!!
Than we herded over to Wally world and I picked up my 5 rolls of film all developed! Yeah! I got doubles of all of them. If you stand at the counter and go through your pics you can take out the pics you don't want and they won't charge you for them. So I got 5 rolls of doubles for like $21, which is a great price:)
I got quite a variety of pics. I even had a roll my bro Matt took, with mostly pics of Lexi:) I had a Bible School roll, a roll from California when I went there last summer... a roll when Shania was with us at Uncle Phil's camp...:)

I stopped at the Micky D's they have at Walmart, inside actually, and bought a double cheeseburger...
We, all the girl's met up at the front of the store to head over to Youth Group which is like 2o mins. from Wally World.
I put my Burger down when we got into the car...Krista had alot of bags...a few were mine:) As we're driving along Jessica is putting hair elastics in Rachel's hair... her hair is a short shaggy she had all these little pigtails all over her head, poor Rachel's all moaning and groaning, either in pain and/or for effect:)
While this is going on, I want Krista to find my burger, I want to grub (eat) ya know, so she's lookin' around for it...she just can't find it. I'm kinda frustrated. Eventually I look on the seat that she's sittin' on. I see part of a McDonald's bag...the rest of the back was under her butt....SHE'D SAT ON MY DOUBLE CHEESE BURGER!!!!!!!!!!!! We laughed and laughed....I got tears in my eyes... and *sigh* yes I ate it. The paper was still on when she sat on it:) It tasted like a hamburger, just alot flatter:) Oh goodness!

Let me tell you some about these girls, Tara is I think 18 years old. Rough back ground but grounded in God and trying to figure things out about what to do and figure things out with her inner life too... she's funny and I'm very much myself around her. She's like a sister to me.
Jessica is around the same age....I guess...out of high school also, and is a nurse at an Old Person's home. She's also studying at a Community College. Jessica's taking ethics which is a killer class. Her prof. is Buddist... and he attacks her for her Christian's been a really ROUGH class for her! Only her younger brother is a Christian in her family. (Her family life's rough too.) She actually led him to Jesus:) She and Tara get together and get LOUD and CRAZY... I think they're venting from life...:)
Rachel is like 17 in high school, 11th grade? She's reallly funny. I told her she should do stand up comedy. She's so confident in her humor:) Rachel's hair is shaggy, blonde, probably dyed and she had added red/bright pink color to parts of it. She dresses in baggy pants and shirts...
She's pretty serious about her faith and livin' the life. Also comes from some rough stuff in her family...
Both Rachel and Jessica have glasses.

Well anyways, Tara got her prayer answered because of hanging with all her friends, Her Jesus family, and we went to Youth Group-which was also alot of fun!
Yesterday was a GREAT sunday... pray for our youth group and for these girls. They don't have their parent's praying for them. I've prayed before that Tara would have as much prayer for herself as I do. I have prayer from my friends, you guys, and older ladies that God has laid a prayer burden on their heart for me...and I have my family praying for me regularly... so ya'll can add to the prayers for each of these girls... we all can be the body of Christ and hold them up...even though you've never met them.

PS-Please pray for my job situation... I'll possible submit an application for working in our local public schools... we'll see how life unfolds. Would be a great way to rub shoulders with the real world. I can also pray more pointedly for this area, by praying for individauls...PLEASE PRAY for me. I need to do something!


Tara said...

Awww, you're sweet, I laughed, I cried...

Jessica said...

I'm not loud....hahaha just kidding!!! Yes me and Tara like to "vent" sweet Mawee!! I'm wearing my blue ducky earrings now!! Thanks so much for my birthday present! I Love you!! Blue Duckies rock!! Pennies too...but Duckies are on now! Oh I do remember doing Rachel's hair...she won't let me near her with a hair tie anymore...hmm...shame! Thanks for an awesome birthday!