Wednesday, October 12, 2005

It was a Darkish and Stormy Day...the adventures of Marie the Jewelery Artist

I will now update ya'll on my adventuresome life.... well it's not terribly exciting... but it's MY life:)
I had the jewelery sale. I sold my jewelery at Front Royal's annual "Festival of Leaves." It went quite well. I made a nice tidy sum of money. Even made enough to cover the cost of the spot. I'd say if it wasn't raining it would've been a whole lot better. But I believe God blessed my time there:) Yeah God:)
I got up early like 6:30 than went back to bed cause it was raining. Than I got up like 7 something got dressed, my mom made me breakfast and I packed up our trusty durango with my goods to sell. I prayed with my parents before I left because it was raining. I didn't have a canopy to put over my stuff. I was worried some. I couldn't put my stuff out with out something to protect when it was raining, it'd wreck some of the stuff... But was helped to trust God that He would provide...
I got to Front Royal finally. I found the lady Susan who had signed me up for the spot to rent. Someone mentioned that the rain was suppose to, like go away at 10. So I go and stand near my spot under an awning and wait for the rain to go away.... it didn' was a rainy day...
I had called my parents and told them about my predicament. They called Ginger Holland and were going to get a canopy from her. It was the type that you stick into the ground- who knows how solid and trusty a canopy it was... maybe it was a dinky weak canopy...They'd come around in like 45 minutes...
During that time an older lady who was part of the festival commity comes in her yellow slicker and umbrella and informs me that the boys are gonna bring me a canopy that they borrowed from St. John's! Yeah! So in awhile 4 guys are carrying this big canopy down the street and another guy is directing on a golf cart...and it's still raining.
So I got my canopy. But I still can't set up cause I don't have my table. The table is in le trusty durango, but it's tooo heavy for me to move by myself. So I wait some more, but I did bring some of my boxes over and placed them under MY canopy!
........and wait.........I'm frustrated! There are alot of other people all set up. The festival had officially started at 9. So it's like 10ish....... I'm talking to myself in my head and wishing I'd asked someone to help me with the table. Instead I'm waiting for my parents to come to help me.
So I pray that God will send someone to ask if they can help. Finally one of the guys comes along and somehow I recrute him and his buds to help, they were very willing. So they follow me through an alley to the durango and help bring the rest of my stuff to my canopy. One big guy carries the big heavy table all by himself to my canopy! Yes I am female and I am weakish...:)Yeah... soon after my parents arrive... and help me set up.
I was wearing these little slip on shoes that only have a space for the toes and an open back, indian style type of shoes, beaded and little. Walking in the rain, the streams, my shoes got soaked and my feet got wet and soggy and even some of the turquoise dye of the shoe got on my feet. The shoe was also made out of satin so I wonder if they've shurnk, hope not:( I even rolled up my khaki pants cause they were wet. I was WET! when your feet are wet you get cold...
I got really time I wasn't feeling too hot,(literally) at all... not to good. Almost sickish, plus hadn't eaten much that day. I had worn the wrong type of shoes for a cold and rainy day:) Told my mom I needed a break. So I went across the street to the Daily Grind, a coffee shop and got a Chai Tea Latte. It helped some.
I actually bought some jewelry for myself from one of the venders. It was this really cool necklace and earring set made out of wire. This girl shaped into very perfect squiggly links, and connected it. Each squiggly link is almost perfect and the same as the next. Her name is Becky , the artist of my necklace and her dad is like an architect and her family are perfectionists, so she got it to. It was a piece of neck architecture...for the neck. My sister is best friends with her older sister. They are all homeschooled.
I got alot of customers. There was one couple that came along and checked out my bracelets. They asked about baby bracelets. I told them I could make one there and they could come back in like 15 minutes. So the mom and I figured out to make the bracelet 4 and a half inches long including the clasp. I made it out of white pearls. It was gorgeous. This tiny little bracelet for a 2 year old. I even made an extention for the bracelet when she gets older. I've never made such a little bracelet in my life.
Krista finally showed up at around 4 ish. She brought me a DRY pair of jeans, DRY shoes, Lands end shoes, and a DRY pair of socks.
I went and changed at the Daily Grind...I felt better. I even warmed my feet up by putting em in the sink and running water over them. (one foot at a time, not both at once:)if I had I'd probably rip the sink off the wall:)
I rolled the bottoms of these pant up too. I was real cute... with my smiley faced socks peekin' out.:) When it's wet and cold and you've been wet and cold for hours, you don't care......nope nope nope:)
The festival was going to end at 6. Since I paid good money for my spot I was going to stay till the bitter end. Actually we started packing up the stuff around 5:30 there weren't many people there at all any more. We quite possibly were the last ones there:)
So we packed up everything. A process in itself. And the final touch was taking the canopy down. It's one of those accordian type. You have to take out some pins and it starts folding itself up kinda than you push it together and it folds itself... finally you have a piece of plastic, and metal that's small enough to put into the back of the trusty durango.
We dropped it off outside of the Local Heritage place... they host the festival, it was closed...
Krista wanted to shop some... I agreed...I was wasted....wasteddddddddddddd..........
One place we went to was Peebles, a nice department store. I asked for samples of perfume. The lady got me alot of samples. Around 8 different ones. I asked if both Krista and I could have one of each and she gave us one of each. It was fun! You should try it, if you're a girl... maybe they have samples of guys cologne? too... you just ask a department store if they have samples of perfume...they have alot of free samples to give out. YEAH! So I can smell differnt every day! and than some.
Most of the samples last for awhile. They're great purse sized perfumes too:) Anyways:)
F i n a l l y we got home. Watched a movie... "a simple twist of fate," I saw that movie when I was in many years ago, cause my brother Dana was going to watch Outbreak( a movie about this killer disease that's spread by monkey spit than from human to human by body fluieds, if you get the disease your innards turn to mush and you bleed to death, heart warming eh?) with his buddies, and I didn't want to watch that and Amy Aldrich my neighbor invited me over to watch "A Simple Twist of Fate." It's a pretty good deals with some mature themes some but doesn't show anything...
Another answer to prayer is that God provided a guy to work with our youth group. His name is Luke and he moved from PA to learn ministry through our church. He is a professional baseball player-like professional amatuer...Little Leagues? I don't know what you call it... but it's pretty good ball. He's switched his old all out passion for ball to following God. He's 25, wow someone close to my age... at my church... there's not alot of people close to my age. Maybe 5ish... most of them I don't even hardly talk to if at all. 4 of them are couples... so...
My group is the youth:) And they're all like4-6 years younger than me. Hey I'm almost 24 so he's only 1-2 years older than me. He seems shy... I'm involved with the youth too so maybe I'll make a friend closer to my thought...
Well even our Youth Leader is like as close to me in age as the youth, she's 28 I think. There is another girl in her 20's I'm friends with at church, single but she's not involved with Youth and doesn't always come to church...
There's a gap of a certain age group at my church... where are they all? College? But we're after college age...they must've fallen off of hte face of hte earth... maybe we need to go out there and work with God to see em saved? hmmmmmm....:)
It's encouraging when God answers prayer... like providing a canopy... didn't cost me a penny:) Yeah Hah!
The whole job thing I think is shaping up too. I put an application into a place at the mall, it's called the Picture People. I'd love to get the job, I think... it'd be taking studio quality pics of......PEOPLE! I think I could really enjoy that job... they're hiring for the holidays... we'll see.
Also my dad called me about working with an accountant, and he said to call them at the beginning of next week.
And I stopped by at a staffing group yesterday and they told me about 2 possible jobs... I just need to send my resume to them. I'm holding on that for a little cause I want to give the Picture People time.
Out of all possible jobs I'd like to work for picture people. I'm good with people, and I have an eye for'd be fun! Please pray that God will lead me to the right job. I want a job that makes me interact some with people. I like and need people:)

Well now that you've caught up on certain aspects of my life, take care and have a good day... drop me a line at that leetle comment spot down yonder, doesn't hurt...much;) These blogs are a great way to stay up to datish with you all. I've read alot of ya'lls different blogs:) They're great!


melbrown said...

Yay! I'm glad you got such a great venue to show your work, even if it wasn't the most pristine of days weather-wise... praise the Lord for the little things like canopies and chai lattes.

I'll be trusting with you for just the right job!

asaphat said...

Thanks for telling us about your life, Marie...I can't think of much else to say, but it's nice to hear what you're up to.

Anonymous said...

Hey girly,
Thanx for the earings. Love 'em. Bettie does too:)I would still like to learn how to make the peacock earrings. Those are very cool:~}another project for one of these days.... Exciting job prospects! Let us know what becomes of the Picture People.

Anonymous said...

Hey girl!
I love reading about what you're doing in life now. But it's time for us to catch up together on what's been going on. I know what you mean about that whole perfect job thing, i dealt with that myself this year trying to get a job at school. And after lke 2 weeks of not hearing anything and almost getting like 2 other jobs, i got the call i was waiting for and now i'm working at my dream college job and hopefully will be until i graduate. Well have a great day and i'll try to talk to you after i get back from Fall Break. Love ya girl:-)
~ Love Always~

lis said...

The jewelry booth sounds like the kind of adventure that's lots more fun afterwards , when you're telling about it someplace dry and warm! :O)

The picture-taking job sounds like lots of fun. I took pictures for our one-room school's yearbook one year, and it was so much fun fitting backdrops and poses with people's personalities!

Trusting God to give you just the right job.